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How To Have a Stress Free Holiday

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Holidays are supposed to be your you time. A time to rewind, relax and have as much fun as you can. However, most people find it hard to achieve this, mostly due to a lack of proper planning. Anyone who has gone on a holiday or traveled far can confirm how stressful it can be if not properly planned. Most travellers unnecessarily burden themselves and end up getting to their destination fatigued. Having a stress free holiday is totally under your control. It’s beyond just booking a flight and searching for suitable accommodation though.

8 Tips For a Stress Free Holiday

1. Get Yourself Adequate Travel Insurance

A travel insurance cover caters to all the unexpected during your holiday. It also gives you some peace of mind to make the most out of your trip without worrying about emergencies. This will also notify your family or any close contact in case anything happens to you.

Go through the insurance policy and make sure you fully understand what has been covered and what hasn’t. Some covers are comprehensive and provide for emergency evacuations, covers for traveling companions, medical assistance and so much more.

2. Get required Vaccinations

Before traveling abroad, make sure you do some research, or speak to your local travel agent, and take the required vaccination shots for your chosen destination. Nothing quite ruins a trip like falling ill on getting there. Get the shots in good time to let the body build strong immunity.

If you suffer an underlying condition carry personal medication, your medical records and prescriptions to make it easier for healthcare officials in case of any complications.

In these strange times we live in you should also check the requirements for a COVID-19 vaccine or whether you need to quarantine on arrival.

3. Come up with a Packing List

Make a list of all the essential things you need during your holiday. This should include travel documents, personal effects, devices, personal identification and so on. After packing, make sure you go through the list and the packed items before zipping up your baggage.

4. Take Advantage of Luggage Delivery Company

Speaking of luggage, looking into using a luggage service when traveling either for a holiday or work is well worth doing. It makes it super easy for you to travel since the company takes care of everything including shipping clearance. You also do not have to deal with issues of misplaced baggage or spending hours on a luggage check in queue.

Everything will be picked up at your doorstep and delivered to your accommodation at the destination before you even travel. The luggage delivery company will do all the customs clearing on your behalf. This completely changes your overall experience at the airport.

5. Protect Yourself

Before traveling, make sure you do a background check of your holiday destination and pack anything you may require to protect yourself. It could be sunscreen, sunglasses, a raincoat, insect repellant or even ski gear if you are going on a winter holiday. Avoid common tourist mistakes like traveling valuable items or carrying too much cash on your person. Carrying or wearing designer gear will make you stand out in the crowd to any thief looking for someone to target.

6. Have all Your Travel Documents Updated

To avoid a last minute rush, make sure you have all your travel documents long before you travel and make sure they are up to date. Check your passport and note its expiry date. Checking long before you travel is essential since some of the updating processes take some time.

7. Work with a Budget

A budget is crucial since it helps to avoid overspending. Anyone can easily get carried away when having too much fun. Separate your funds into different accounts from credit cards, digital wallets and walk around money. This makes it impossible to lose all of your money at once. Separate your walk around money into different envelopes and use an envelope a day for the time you will be on holiday. This is an easy way to stick to a budget.

8. Make it a Getaway

Create time for yourself by distancing yourself from your daily routine. Disconnect from everything if you can. It may take some time especially getting work out of your head, and that’s why you should start your holiday on the weekend. This will help you shift mentally into a holiday mode unlike when you go on vacation on a Monday.

The 8 tips described above are quite straightforward and go a long way to make any holiday stress free and enjoyable.

Author: Hi, I’m Aleks, an English-speaking writer working here in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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