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Nomads keep on moving…

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As 2022 comes to a close, the team at Nomads are looking forward to some exciting  developments in the new year which highlight a renewed confidence in the  international travel sector and point to a bright future for one of Australasia’s leading  traveller accommodation brands. 

The last few years have thrown up all kinds of unexpected challenges for everyone  but some things don’t change; visitors are out there exploring, seeking adventure  and re-connecting with their tribe. The research is in, expectations are high and  there’s a new sense that travellers are looking for better experiences, higher value  and more personal connections with their hosts. 

Established in Australia in 1994, Nomads is one of the largest and most well established hostel brands globally.  

“We have always pushed hard to stay ahead of change, provide our  customers with sense of purpose, maintain a focus on curating incredible  location based experiences and deliver engaging social spaces backed up by  genuine on-the-ground advice” says TAG COO Tom Cooney  

As the owners of both the Nomads and Base brands, the team at Tourism Adventure  Group (TAG) have embraced the needs of the returning international traveller. 

“What the research tells us, and what we are seeing on the ground, is that our  customers still want the fun, energy and discovery that has become  synonymous with our product but they’re also after something more” 

“As we evolve to meet these new, overlapping needs, we can see that our two  accommodation brands (Nomads and Base) shouldn’t be competing with each  other and that Nomads is far better placed to embrace the change. So we’ve  merged them. We’ve given Nomads a complete re-think in terms of identity and  pulled the existing Base sites into the Nomads stable. We are very excited  about what this consolidation of brands and resources means for our growth  plan moving forward”. 

During this brand evolution TAG has also launched the concept of the Nomads  Stayspaces™ which is a way of celebrating the wider range of accommodation options and flexible shared spaces on offer at every location. Bars, restaurants,  

booking centres and information are all still part of the journey but Nomads is looking  to broaden the addressable demographics through the introduction of the Nomads  Stayspaces™ concept. Nomads will also look to include new quiet zones for the 

digital nomads and additional group spaces for shared activities and social  interaction. 

The upgrade of Nomads sites gets underway at the start of 2023 with some exciting  new locations on the cards too including Nomads first property in South East Asia. Currently under development in Krabi, Thailand. The former 3 star resort will be an  industry leading facility and is expected to open for soft launch in February 2023. 

Nomads Krabi

“Our business has been built on the back of strong relationships and  partnerships and our new initiative in Thailand is no different. We’re incredibly excited to work more closely with our partners in South East Asia to introduce  the Nomads brand to Thailand and beyond. This is the first step in a long  curated plan that was temporarily derailed as a result of the pandemic and it’s  a welcome addition to our existing portfolio of properties in Australia, New  Zealand and Indonesia.”

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