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Budget Travel Ideas Australia

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If you’re a student or a backpacker looking for a getaway, how about traveling to beautiful Australia and having an unforgettable experience? Student Travel & Backpacker Travel tends to be on a stricter budget than for other types of travellers so that’s what we’ll focus on…. Budget Travel Tips. No matter how you travel in Australia it’s true to say that there’s nothing like experiencing this fantastic country!

For some budget travel ideas we’ll capture timeless spots like Lake Mungo’s lunar landscape plus the impeccable pop-up bars found in Melbourne. In truth, the information here is only a sample. This country is so magnificent and massive that your imagination only limits the possibilities of taking an adventure.

Let’s begin with some of the lesser known places to visit in Australia and move onto some other ideas for how to experience Australia on a budget.

Budget Travel Australia

1. Experience the Rich History of Lake Mungo National Park

Here’s one of Australia’s most impressive natural sites. Sadly, despite it being easily accessible, it’s one of the least appreciated places. Part of its wealth lies in its indigenous history. For instance, in 1969, Dr. Jim Bowler discovered the Mungo lady, which is one of the oldest cremation burials in the world.

Further up north in the lake region of Willandra, which is also part of Mungo, more than 450 footprints date back to 20,000 years ago. Today, a council of elders manages the NSW wildlife and park service. They play a massive part in bringing out the brilliant appearance of Lake Mungo plus the cultures and fascinating stories of the area.

studnet travel australia lake mungo

2. Levitate Over the Wetlands of Mary River

The swamps of Mary River form an ecosystem filled with fantastic beauty. You can enjoy the full experience if you choose to ride on the Bamuuru airboats. They’ll give you a rare adrenaline rush as they emit their cacophonous noise at terrifying speeds.

If you want a maximum buzz, sit near the front. On the other hand, if you’re going to avoid the flying dragonflies, hopping crickets, and jumping small frogs, then sit in the middle or at the back. You can enjoy such safaris for at least two nights once you visit Bamuuru Plains.

mary river - backpacker travel australia

3. Go for a Ride in Australia’s Horizontal Falls

This is a place of natural wonder. It’s filled with strong mountain tides which rise from 9 to 13 meters. Almost all the water from Sydney Harbour flows through these intriguing gorges. To experience this captivating wonder, you’ll need to go on a seaplane adventure. They also provide overnight houseboat stays with tasty meals included.

horizontal falls budget travel ideas australia

4. Journey to Hancock Gorge!

Once you look at it from above, Hancock Gorge seems as if it was cleaved right from the earth. It twists and turns across the Hills of Pilbara and then dramatically, it sinks into the darkness. To take this trip to Mother Nature, you’ll need to go on four-wheel-drive. Some of the captivating things you’ll notice on your trip include:

  • Fascinating gorge walls which rise to 100 meters
  • A pebbly beach and cold deep water
  • Attractive rock ledges which are at least 2.5 billion years old!
  • An emerald pool

hancock gorge - budget travel australia

5. Sand Bask on the Australian Beaches

The Australian coastline stretches to around 50,000km and has more than 10,000 beaches, including some secret beaches. Once you’re in the country, join the locals for a day out on the beach. Just pack some food, water, towel, and of course sunscreen. Apart from that, you can even make full use of the free BBQ stands!

caloundra beach bbq
By thinboyfatter (Golden Beach Caloundra 5th October 2006) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

6. Have a Sweet Treat in the Pop-Up Businesses of Melbourne

Most cities in Australia are mortar and bricks, but they are also a good source of opportunities and ideas. In Melbourne, there are a lot of pop-up ventures. You might have your Saturday breakfast on a rental terrace, or a simple shipping container may turn into a classy bar on an open parking lot.

According to the co-owner of SuperCool, Kate Vandermeer, with such pop-ups, there’s a sense of timeliness and urgency, encouraging improved turnover. So, whenever you’re in Melbourne, some of the pop-ups you should visit include, the eco-friendly and recyclable greenhouse by Joost Bakker, Flash-mob start-ups and performances like Comida Bebe.

7. Experience the Australian Wildlife

Although wildlife parks and zoos are slightly costly in Australia, you can still catch the wildlife for free in their natural habitats. Naturally, this is the best way to see them. You could do so in places such as:

  • Great Ocean Road
  • Magnetic Island
  • Kangaroo Valley
  • Tasmania

If you only have limited time in Sydney and can’t find time to travel out of the city, Taronga Zoo in Sydney is a fantastic choice too! It’s a world-class establishment with some of the best views as compared to other zoos in the country.


8. Have Fun at Events and Festivals

It’s wise to keep your ears open to awesome parties happening all over the country. Shockingly, most of them are free, giving you a chance to experience the rich, Aussie culture. One of the most exciting and free festivals is Vivid Sydney. However, there are other Australian events for you to enjoy!

vivid sydney
Image by Doug Beckerslicense

9. Visit the Australian Markets

In every regional area or major city, you’ll get a market. As a student, it’s one of the most affordable ways to grab a bite. Some exciting markets for you to check out include:

Make sure you look for these markets wherever you are, and you’ll have no problems with groceries. Besides, they’re still an excellent place to visit!

byron bay farmers market
Byron Bay Farmers Market

10. How About the Supermarkets?

Woolworths and Coles are some of the best chains of supermarkets in the country. What’s more, their affordable prices are something which will impress you. So, if you don’t like eating meals from hotels or cafes, grab some supplies and enjoy a simple yet tasty picnic.

For smaller regions, you’ll get Foodwors or IGA. These places are way cheaper and even serve great specials. They also have a history of supporting local food suppliers. Make sure you visit them whenever you’re in the area!

Conclusion – With these impressive and affordable places, you’ll have an unforgettable Australian experience. Yes, although you might not visit every spot or try every activity, pick what interests you and enjoy the gifts that come along with it.

Now, with this information in mind, where would you visit first if you were on holiday in Australia?

Author: Lucas Cappel is a freelance writer at essaywritersite.com, a travel fanatic and an educator by passion. Having a deep-rooted interest in the philosophy of the human mind, he seeks to broaden his horizon by travelling and to share his finding with people across the globe.

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