Byron Bay – it’s one of the happiest places on earth! The first moment I arrived in Byron Bay I noticed that there are three different types of people walking around town here. I bet there are more than that but the three I’m going to tell you about right now are the main ‘inhabitants’ of Byron Bay.

  1. Of course the biggest group are our awesome backpackers! Everywhere you look, you’ll see backpackers in Byron Bay!
  2. The second group are the surfers. You can recognise the surf dudes and dudettes by long sun bleached hair, board shorts, caps, tanned lower legs, tanned fore arms, a surfboard and hanging around Byron’s best surf beaches.
  3. The third group and the one we will focus on are the hippies, as they really do represent everything that Byron Bay is all about and for some reason, hippie backpackers are absolutely drawn to the Arts Factory Lodge.

You can recognise hippies by the long hair (often dreadlocks) laid-back look, tie-dye shirts and always walking around barefoot. How to become one of them? Of course you will need the dreads, the laid-back look, buy the outfit or even better make your own, tie dye shirt and lose the shoes! You may spot them at Byron’s hipster hangouts!

byron bay hippies

But this is not all you need to become a hippy, being a hippy is all about living the hippy (or Byron Bay) life-style. Which means…

  • Don’t let your life be controlled by work, there are plenty of other things you can spend time on!
  • Material things are not important,
  • All you need is a roof over your head, usually made of canvas or just a painted camper, food and washing space, which can be the sea or a river as well!
  • What also is important is that you accept everyone for who he / she is and never judge!
  • Learn how to play guitar,
  • Learn how to relax…

So come Byron Bay and visit us at the Arts Factory Lodge – be ready for your inner hippy to come out and play!

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