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Byron Bay Beaches

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Byron Bay Surfing. Three words which go together like peanut butter and jelly! Byron Bay is easily one of the most iconic places in the world to surf. It may not be pumping yearly but its right hand point breaks and winter swell keep it in the top. Many Australians live in Byron Bay to surf and although they may come from top breaks down the coast, the contrasting beauty of Byron Bay is a deciding factor in settling into the surfing lifestyle here rather than elsewhere.

I’ve written this with surfers in mind because Byron Bay’s biggest downfall for experienced surfers can be the number of inexperienced surfers bobbing up and down and making for very dangerous accidents. Beginners would do well take a surf lesson to learn about the waves, and a bit about surfing etiquette. A lesson is well worth the price because the feeling of catching your first wave is amazing!

The Best Byron Bay Beaches for Surfers!

1. Belongil beach

Belongil Beach is the first northerly beach and is about a one km walk north of Main Beach, it is a consistent beach good for all levels of surfing ability. It works best on a south easterly swell with an off-shore southerly or south westerly wind.

belongil beach byron bay

2. The Pass

Further towards the lighthouse again and The Pass is an incredible right hand point break. When the swell is an easy 2-3ft and south easterly you get the most beautiful waves gathering from the point.

3. Clarkes Beach

This beach can be rather flat when the swell is small but when the swell is pumping this is no place for a learner.

best beaches byron bay clarkes beach

4. The Wreck

Just north of Main beach is a favourite amongst locals – The Wreck. It works best in a south east / east swell with southerly winds. The level of ability can depend on the size of the swell. The waves are consistently hollow due to the sandbank that the shipwreck creates (hence the beaches name).

5. Tallow beach

Tallow Beach spans all the way from Cosy Corner to the beginning of Suffolk Park. It offers both right and left hand waves depending on the swell direction. Tip: Cosy Corner is one of the few breaks protected from the dreaded northerlies.

tallows beach byron bay

6. Suffolk Park

Suffolk Park is south of Byron Bay. It can offer good A frames, giving goofys and naturals a nice directional choice.

7. Wategoes

A beautiful and somewhat quiet beach which sits amongst Byron Bays most beautiful homes. It is a playground to marine life and it has some beautiful waves in winter. This beach also needs a Southerly wind and at certain times of the year has a perfect logging wave off the point but quite an inconsistent beach. On big days you will see paddle boards hundred of metres out into the surf paddling for huge white wash.

beat surfing beaches byron bay

So there you go. If you are learning stick to some surfing lessons and don’t kid yourself that surfing is easy, the surf schools will take you to the best beaches to learn how to surf so that you and others are safe out there. Enjoy the progression and make sure to be respectful or it is a very dangerous place!

There are some secret spots down the coast but unfortunately we will never tell you where these are!

Enjoy our Byron Bay Surfing beaches and respect Byron Bay’s beaches!

If you’re not into surfing or you feel like a bit of a change but still want to be in the water, then Byron Bay is also well known for its kayaking. Check out Cape Byron Kayaks or Go Sea Kayak for an unforgettable experience, where you may even see dolphins!

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