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10 Awesome Activities at The Arts Factory Lodge

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For those who have visited the Arts Factory Village on their travels, you’ll know it’s a relaxation paradise with a pool, spa, cinema and the Byron Bay Brewery located on site. But there are also a number of daily activities going on with something to bring out every persons inner hippy.

1. Cockatoo Paul’s Bush Tucker Walk

Every Wednesday our in-house entertainment Guru, Cockatoo Paul, runs his famous Bushtucker Walk around the Arts Factory Lodge. He teaches authentic Australian bush survival skills, the basics of native flora and fauna, what berries do this and what plants do that if you grind them up etc. It’s by donation only and all profits made from the walk go directly to Cockatoo’s Bush Survival Camp at his property inland from Grafton.

bushtucker walk
Bushtucker Walk

2. Learn the Didgeridoo

One of the Workshops at The Arts Factory Lodge: Learn the circular breathing motion and how to master the art of one of Australia’s most unique instruments. Lessons run three times a week down in the “Didge Pit” and for those that are super keen, for $150 you can even make your own didgeridoo to take home. A privilege not many people get down under.

Make your own Didjeridoo

3. Fire by Friction workshop with Cockatoo Paul

Every Thursday at 10am, learn how to make a fire from scratch with our legendary, and incredibly knowledgeable Cockatoo Paul! No need for a lighter or match, learn how you can use friction by rubbing sticks together to create fire!

bush tucker walk arts factory lodge
Making fire with sticks

4. Get Your Yoga On

Three mornings a week at the Arts Factory Lodge you can wake up to a relaxing guided yoga with our in-house guide. It’s totally free and runs for around around an hour. Relax amongst the serenity and ready yourself for a relaxing day in Byron Bay.

activities arts factory lodge
Yoga at The Arts Factory Lodge

5. Learn to meditate

Join us on your quest to further deepen your connection and sense of self in our group meditation workshops! These workshops run sporadically and are subject to availability, so please contact us for workshop times. Come with an open heart and an open mind, and learn how you can find you

guideed meditation
Guided Meditation

6. Trivia Night

Every Wednesday night at the Arts Factory Lodge you have your chance to show off your brains at the Arts Factory Trivia held by Cockatoo Paul. It’s $2 per person to play and there are a truck load of awesome prizes to be won every week including Surf Trips, Kayak Trips, Dive Trips and Fraser Island Tours. Hundreds of dollars in prizes and only $2 to play, what a deal!

7. Show us your Talent

If you have a voice or can strum a guitar or have any kind of interesting talent, don’t be afraid to get up and share the love at the in-house Talent Show held every Tuesday night. Grab a glass, take a seat and enjoy some of Byron Bay’s best travelling talent!

live music byron bay
Live Music at the Weekly Talent Show Arts Factory Lodge Byron Bay

8. Enjoy Some Talent

If you’re still craving some awesome live talent, the following evening is “Open Mic Night” in the Buddha Bar, literally a 30 second walk from reception of the hostel. I have personally seen some of the wackiest, weirdest but most interesting live performances at this evening. Loop machines, ukeleles and many other eye openers.

live music byron bay
Live Music at The Arts Factory Lodge Byron Bay

9. Volunteer In Our Eco Garden

Located down the back of the campground there is now a fully operational organic vegetable garden packed with lettuce, beans, tomatoes and plenty more healthy goodies. Arts Factory guests can volunteer their gardening services for an hour or two in return for a handful of fresh organic vege’s, or a free veggie dinner! Not bad hey?

10. Enjoy a Cold Beverage & a Pub Feed

After all those activities, nothing is better than a nice cold beer. Known as the “Buddha Bar” or the “Byron Bay Brewery“, this little watering hole, located in the Arts Factory Village is etched in the history of Byron Bay. It was once a pig slaughter house, an art gallery, it held the first Byron Bay Blues Festival (now known as Bluesfest) and it brews its own beer on site. With live music most nights a week, a great outdoor area and an awesome selection of pub grub. Get it up ya!

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*The activities might not always be held on the days mentioned. Check with reception for that weeks schedule and for up to date prices.

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