Exploring Bangkok

It's Day 2 and the curfew has been lifted, the soccer World Cup has kicked off, and it's game on Bangkok Exploring on Day 2. (here's Day 1) A must see on the list for the day is the Golden Buddha, the Royal Palace and a cruise along the river. This might not be for everyone but just a suggestion, leave early in the morning it gets very, very hot later on in the day.

So how to get around today? We gave a Tuk Tuk a go (well you have to in Thailand don't you?), it's cheap and fun and if you're willing to make "one stop, one stop" only at one of the shops on the way you get around for as little as 10 Baht.

If you walk out of one of the shops with a brand new custom made suit you only have yourself to blame... but seriously even though we agreed just to get a cheap ride we did come close to actually getting one ourselves. You get to pick the material, color and get a custom shirt made for $15 Aussie dollars or a suit for $70 delivered to your hostel the same day. Dry cleaning a hired suit is more expensive back home.

If you only make time for one of our must sees make it to the Golden Buddha, it's truly magnificent.

Meanwhile back on Khao San Road soccer fever is in full swing with a marching band and lady boys at the front of the parade followed by a group of elephants each representing a country.

elephant thailand rearing

We can't help but wonder why is the Australian one a baby... do they know something we don't? Well, there's a big party tonight celebrating the lifting of the curfew, I have a feeling it will be a big one and a lot of sore heads tomorrow

australian flag elephant

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