Top 6 Apps to Help You on the Road

With over 500,000 smartphone applications available, it isn’t surprising when you've got your head down checking out your phone. While there are plenty of fun games and entertainment apps, there are apps that provide important information and services that can be very useful in our lives. There are car-related apps to help you save money on petrol, monitor your vehicle safety and avoid bad traffic conditions. For the car fanatics, there are also apps that will make your Toyota Corolla sound like Ferrari!

iTravel Wallet

If you're traveling somewhere and you're not sure what the currency conversion is or if you need something translated, this app is for you. Low-cost car insurance company, Budget Direct Australia, has an app that includes a currency convert, translation tool, mapping and detailed information on the countries you plan on visiting. It also has travel alerts provided dynamically from the Australian Government.

Fill My Tank

No one wants to get gas to find out they could have gotten in cheaper elsewhere. The free app, Fill My Tank, for the iPhone will help you find the cheapest fuel prices near you. With over 4000 petrol stations within Australia listed, you can narrow your search by location and view the results on a map or in a list. Some prices can be outdated with constant changing prices.

AU Driver Knowledge Test

How well do you know Australian road rules? For both learner drivers and for those of us who haven’t sat a driving test in years, this app helps you learn (or re-learn) the road regulations. This app is designed to help learners pass their learners’ test and has more than 100 multiple-choice questions. This app requires no Internet connection and the paid version offers additional questions and tests in areas such as intersections, traffic signs and negligent driving.

Aussie Driving Log

This app helps you keep track of how many kilometres you have covered for business purposes or for those who have strict reporting requirements for salary-sacrificed cars. You can review reports on your phone and email them to necessary parties. It satisfies the Australian Tax Office requirements.


Not only can this app be used to remind yourself to return to your car when your parking permit has expired and where you parked. It will send you alerts when parking inspectors have been spotted by other ParkPatrol users. While it isn’t guaranteed you won’t receive a parking fine, this app might save you a lot of money!


This app allows you to record driver, witness and vehicle information in the unfortunate case of an accident. It offers audio, camera and drawing tools to help you record all necessary details, as well as a GPS tracking system to locate your exact position. You can then email all necessary information to relevant parties. iWrecked also offers an emergency speed dial, allowing you to dial triple zero at the touch of a button. The app doesn't negate the need to file a police report if one is warranted.

Author: Belle Hammond. While Belle does love her home in Texas, she gets excited every time she has the opportunity to travel to another city, country or resort. Belle offers her readers a first-hand account on the amenities, cost and pros and cons of every place she visits.


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