Airport Security & Cold McMuffins

This time I’m writing to you guys from a cute little pub in Heathrow airport.

4.30am, a terrible time to wake up any day but on a day that you will be going through over 29 hours of flights and layovers - yuck! Oh and did I mention… I am on a DRY airline! Not quite sure how that happened but pretty sure I’m going to regret that decision! Hours of last minute scuttling… packing make up, showering, and flushing the fish. Poor Frankie the fighter fish decided his time on this earth was over and died the night before I was due to leave for my trip through Europe. Convenient timing really… thanks Frankie!

Then a 2 hour drive to the Brisbane International Airport, doing the airport parking thing… getting lost… finding the airport parking place (finally…) and waiting at Brisbane International Airport for my Royal Air Brunei flight - bring it on baby!!! The excitement builds as I start getting myself through the security checks and wheel my bright pink carry on bag through the terminal, until I go through the x-ray machine without issue just to be pulled over by two security guards and asked to “Step this way Miss”. My smile falters and I quietly start pooping myself trying to remember if I accidentally packed my conditioner in my hand luggage by mistake, I’m led into a small room – oh, f#ck.

"...she's going to give me a quick pat down..."

The two guards stand in front of me - one blocking the door. They ask me to place my belongings on the small table and if I packed my own bags – which I did… I had lists for goodness sake! I packed everything on my list and put everything where it is meant to be! How the hell did I get into this mess! I’m so not getting to my destination. The female guard walks over to me, she’s going to give me a quick pat down she tells me, oh my lucky day! All of a sudden it's all over, just a routine check they tell me, couldn’t have told me that BEFORE the rub down???!!! But my spirits return (not literally as I’m STILL on a dry airline!) and I bolt out of there before they can change their minds. An hour later I’m buckled in with my seat in the upright position and my tray table locked, take off is upon me!

I am lucky enough to be in the middle seat – but of course! Next to me on the aisle side is an elderly Asian woman, she sits with her blanket still in the wrapping and her pillow on her lap and she has a smell about her that is so bloody familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it... She refuses all food and drink offered to her. But that’s ok, because I on the other hand have snuggled into my seat with my pillow behind my back, my little pink neck pillow around my neck, my shoes off and my little Royal Brunei blanket over my legs. I am watching some telly and have my book at the ready - would it be rude if I offered to eat her food too? This food is GREAT!


We are now a few hours into the flight, and Miss Aisle Seat pulls out a bacon and egg McMuffin from the seat pocket in front of her. WHAT THE? (that's what that familiar smell was!) Not only is this one of the most random things to bring on board… BYO anyone? But also, the flight boarded at 12.30PM (Lunch time for those of you who just don’t do time) and departed at 1.30pm. We are already WELL into the flight and Maccas stops serving McMuffins at 10.30am, by my calculations that McMuffin has be be at least 4 hours old. For the rest of the 8 hour flight she only ate a banana, and I'm sorry to say I let my guard down and cannot confirm or deny whether that too was a BYO item.

And sadly that’s where I have to leave you guys… We’re now in a layover in Brunei airport… (sorry about that) but next time I write I will give you MORE crazy stupid stories of my next flights - Brunei to Dubai and Dubai to London, a solo entry to the mile high club, a cattle herding around the Dubai airport and the most expensive Maltesers possibly in the world. Till next time little Nomads, Safe travels!


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