Do you have a musical or other talent and want to travel around Australia? Or you might already be a street performer… Well why not busk around Australia? You get to share your talent and make a little bit of cash to enjoy the places you’re visiting too. Luckily for you, a couple of awesomely talented buskers have put together a handy buskers guide so that you know about the different laws in different towns and states, or any permits you might have to get. They also tell you some good places to busk and some local places for food and drink and even a few ideas for your accommodation as well!

buskers guide australia
The Buskers Guide

For example there are several places they recommend for busking in Melbourne including Flinders Street Station, Queen Victoria Markets and Federation Square to name a few… you could even perform at Batman Markets (yeah, that’s it’s real name!). For some of these locations you can apply to busk there, for other places you can turn up and there are a few locations where a permit is not necessary (good to know while you wait for yours to come through). The Buskers Guide also tells you the best times of day to play for the best crowds.

Their food and drink recommendations are all good budget options so that you don’t end up spending all your hard earned money but still get a good feed and a good value beer at the end of the day.

buskers guide australia
The Buskers Guide to Australia

As they travel around Australia they’re adding more and more locations to the buskers guide to Australia and here at Nomads we love good creative people so if you need a place to stay at a location where we have a hostel, then drop us a line, we might be able to offer you a free beer or two, accommodation or just a good crowd to play to (and practise!). We can’t always guarantee that we can help you out with a bed or a discount, it totally depends how busy we are, but it’s worth asking because you never know.

We have lots of hostels all over Australia and we’ll email them on your behalf to see what we can arrange for you and them… Email us at (with the subject ‘play and stay’) with a short bio, a link to your music, and which hostel you’d like to stay at and we’ll do what we can to help you!

Check out The Buskers Guide website for more information or take a look at their facebook page.

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