Skydive Taupo

You can't visit New Zealand without skydiving. Throwing yourself out of a plane is the ultimate activity and scenery doesn't get better than that in New Zealand. Your only problem is choosing which place to skydive. Skydive Taupo is a popular choice for visitors to New Zealand with plenty of reasons why...

First up, you can jump from 15,000 feet, one of the only places in New Zealand and the world that this is possible. I have thrown myself out of a plane a few times and do it because I love it, addicted after the first, but Skydive Taupo showed me that you can get good skydives and world class skydives.

The whole operation is just cool, picked up in a limousine, it's all about that unique experience. In a country filled to the brim with skydive operators it's the small touches that count and Skydive Taupo have nailed it. Biggest surprise of the day, should you choose to video your skydive, which you really should, you get to choose the soundtrack to your jump. 3 tracks that will completely personalise your dvd and skydive.

"Your tandem skymasters are clearly hired for their warped sense of humours..."

Skydive Taupo is a quick operation, none of the waiting around all day whilst two at a time head up in the plane. In Taupo you can get six or seven people in the plane (and it's pink!) and in all honesty it adds to the experience. Your tandem skymasters are clearly hired for their warped sense of humours but the banter in that plane acts as an awesome navigator from the fact that you really are about the jump out of a plane. The big question is whether or not to jump from 12,000 ft or 15,000 ft.

skydiving over taupo

Leave the maths at the door, working out the cost per second extra freefall is pointless. Having done a couple of 12,000 ft jumps I was impressed at how much better the 15,000 ft dive is. Those extra few seconds give you the chance to adjust to the idea that you are freefalling through the sky and allow you much more time to enjoy it. That's right, you will enjoy it. Before you know it your parachute is open and you are being interviewed whilst your face is flapping and you catch your breath.

The best part about this skydive is the area you jump over. Skydiving is, in my opinion, the only way to see Taupo's seriously beautiful scenery. As you hang like a rag doll in the sky you can be certain that you will remember Taupo for the rest of your life. The colours of lake combined with the snow topped mountains and landscape make for some pretty spectacular sightseeing. The only disappointment in the whole experience is that you land on the ground a few minutes later.

However, the experience is far from over, with all that adrenaline pumping it's only fair to thrive off of it so Skydive Taupo edit your dvd live. These Tandem Skydive masters aren't just a bunch of crazies they are filmmakers who add a little slowmotion here and there and a few amusing faces behind your back. The end result is a dvd that nobody else in the world will have which reflects an experience that is going to be really quite difficult to beat. For the ultimate unique 15,000 ft skydive thanks to those extra personal touches it doesn't get much better than Skydive Taupo.


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