Shotover Canyon Swing

So leaving my hostel in Queenstown I wasn't really sure what to expect of this day... But I was feeling nervous! Upon arriving at the Canyon Swing office I was greeted with a warm smile and a wonderful light breakfast provided by the Shotover Canyon Swing staff. I was checked in and got a chance to meet some of the others that were about to be thrown off a cliff attached only by a rope and harness and swung at a high speed over a beautiful river running between through the Canyon.

We were weighed in and sized up for our harness and then off we went to the site. At the site we got to meet some more of the crew and were offered some bubbles to relax and enjoy watching a group do their swing before us. It was a cold and wet morning so it was really nice to be able to hang out in the warm office overlooking the actual Canyon swing as people were sent one by one off the cliff. These guys operate all year round in all kinds of weather so don't let a rainy day put you off doing this!

shotover canyon swing - gimpboy

I loved seeing all the different ways you could do the swing. Being able to choose all these different swings is very important especially for those who seek a bit more thrill in this kind of activity. I wasn't sure if doing "The Chair", or the "Gimp Boy goes to Hollywood" was the better option, so I let the crew choose for me. A short time later and I was hooked up and in an upside down position, attached to me was another little jumper in the form of a gimp doll! I thought it was nice of them to let me jump with a gimp toy and I felt a bit more confident doing so.

The crew hooking me up was hilarious and I only realized how nervous I was when they were asking me simple questions that I could barely respond to. I thought it also funny to read that one of the medical conditions that prevents a person from doing the swing is being Canadian. I guess they made an exception for me.

The Canyon swing itself was an awesome experience and I screamed the entire way down. The pictures they took were great and the video made me realize that I'm not nearly as brave as I thought I was. I will definitely be recommending this activity to as many guests at Nomads Queenstown as I can, especially the thrill seekers. I think the experience was amazing and considering I have a fear of heights, I felt absolutely safe the entire time. A big thanks to all the Shotover Canyon Swing staff for their time and efforts. I will be doing it all over again in the near future.


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