Jet boating | Shotover Jet

Jet boating is another unique New Zealand activity that can found throughout New Zealand, originating from another Kiwi with time, imagination and a desire for adrenaline on his hands. If you are going to experience the thrill of Jet boating during your time in New Zealand then make sure you do it with Shotover Jet on the Shotover River in Queenstown.

The Shotover River is famous amongst adrenaline seekers so combining this with a fast paced hair raising jet boat ride and you are in heart-pounding The Shotover Jet addresses the river at 80kph and guarantees you a few 360 degree spins for extra adrenaline pleasure.

It all sounds a bit intense but it is simply sheer good fun. Once you're in the boat and holding onto the considerately heated hand rail, the Shotover Jet doesn't ease you in gently. You are off with little time to prepare for the camera. Cruising at speed along the river I still cannot believe we didn't hit the rocks at either side.

Shotover Jet, Queenstown
"Either the drivers of these boats are looked over formula 1 drivers or they are crazy minded Kiwis..."

Either the drivers of these boats are looked over formula 1 drivers or they are crazy minded Kiwis pushing their own adrenaline to the limits. Pretty certain it's the latter but they sure know how to get your heart racing and then simply flutter their eyes so that you let them do it again on the way back down the river.

It isn't easy to look stylish whilst on the Shotover Jet so a good sense of humour is necessary but essentially the Shotover Jet is like a moving rollercoaster on water with all the boxes ticked to get your heart racing at an enjoyable and not disasterous pace; speedy turns, 360 spins and high speed; you really cannot fail to enjoy the Shotover Jet which is why the team there awesomely offer the Shotover Jet at a cheaper rate if you want to go again afterwards, genius.


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