Massage in Queenstown

No matter how you're spending your days there comes a time when you feel the need for some serious pampering and relaxation. And what better way to achieve relaxation than getting a massage. I visited Body Sanctum for a massage in Queenstown after some colleagues recommended I go there to stop me complaining about my aches and pains!

My job is fun but I spend my day standing up to greet backpackers arriving at Nomads Queenstown. And unfortunately I don't do a lot of exercise so my back started aching, seriously I couldn't even turn around because I thought I would break something. (Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but...)

massage in queenstown

So there I was, sitting at home, being annoyed by not feeling flexible as I normally am (I am normally such a star in sport, ahem). My friend looked at me and said stop behaving like an old lady as I was complaining, and once I start complaining I won't shut up. After she realised how annoyed I was about not feeling relaxed, she told me about her 'massage' experience. As soon as I heard that, I started to look at prices! I booked a massage with Body Sanctum and my friend booked it too, I felt totally excited like a kid and couldn't wait until the day I would get my first ever massage.

Body Sanctum is located on Athol Street which is only a 2 minute walk away from Nomads Queenstown, so the short walk made me feel relaxed already. After a few minutes, my friend and I met our therapists. They brought us to a room where 2 separate beds were waiting for us.

We were so excited because we planned to have the massage and talk about girl stuff for the full hour, YES we booked a full hour relaxation massage.

Once laying there and the therapists started with the massage, I didn't hear my friend any more and I didn't feel like talking either. While listening to relaxing music we completely surrendered ourselves.

You can tell the therapist what type of massage you prefer but because it was my first one they advised me to have a relaxation one. This is because after a massage and even the days after, there is a possibility that you will feel your bones (or whatever I was feeling the day after hehe). It doesn't hurt though, it just feels like your body has been taken under control. Anyway my massage concluded: head, arms, back, legs and yes even feet. I felt so sorry for the poor girl but on the other hand with all her experience she must have been fine to even take care of my feet.

After the 1 hour massage, we felt complete relaxed, the therapists left the room, to give us some time to get ready and to be able to go back to 'real' life. Unfortunately I didn't see my therapist afterwards and could only say my thankful words to the receptionist. That's why I want to say my thankful words here to Aniva and Michelle from Body Sanctum. We loved it and thanks for taking care of us and our bodies! Of course, after the massage we decided the only thing to do was have a nice glass of wine. I think you can tell from our faces that we were seriously relaxed!

Whatever you're doing, whether you're not currently working and you're having a relaxing holiday, I would definitely recommend taking some time out to pamper yourself with an hour long massage. I'm already thinking about booking my second one!

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