SkyJump Auckland (SkyTower)

I never thought that I would be the one standing at the top of the highest building in the southern hemisphere about to step off. The only thoughts going through my mind were how far to the bottom and holy crap this view is unbelievable. No matter how amazing it looked, nothing seemed normal about jumping at this height. I guess that's the thrill of it all! I knew I had to do this, not because times were tough, but because my wonderful friend Ben called me and said, “Hi would you like to do a jetboat ride today?”. Liar! The Auckland Skytower is not and never has been a location for jet boating!

skytower auckland

This was just one of those opportunities that don't come along all that often. I knew I had to get past my fear and just live it up. I had just arrived in Auckland, working in the brand new Mad Travel Shop located underneath Nomads Auckland on Fort street, Ben thought it would be a great idea for me to get a full view of the city, a view from 192m high!

The awesome Benny who runs one of the Auckland bar crawls was also in Auckland so he collected me and off we went. Was I ever coming back? To be honest I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to do it, but he had already organised it and I knew he would never let me live it down if I didn’t do the SkyJump. As you walk towards this monumental sky scraper you begin to realise the sheer height of it.

After putting on my amazing superhero onesie we made our way to the top of the skytower. Floor after floor passed as we went up in the lift (with a scary glass floor!) and we still weren’t at the top. Just to help build the nerves we shared our lift with some other people who were about to embark on the SkyWalk. Finally we made it and went out to the waiting area. You can see people jump from here and hear the incredibly loud whoosh of the wire as someone drops to the ground. If you weren’t nervous before this, you definitely would be now! In a few minutes it would be me out there, falling and hopefully landing safely.

I had to go first, my heart was in my mouth. Edging out side by side with the instructor and every safety clip double checked, I shook to my core. It’s surprising that even though you are filled to the brim with fear, you still step off the edge and let yourself hover above the city. One of the bravest feelings you can ever have. It was amazing!

After a brief photo you glide to the bottom of the tower taking in the view and feeling like you are flying. It was amazing. Now for someone who was so scared to start with, my god did I surprise myself when they offered us a second SkyJump and I leaped up to get there first. Haha who's scared now! Not me! No more sweaty hands, look out ladies.

This is one of my favourite things that I have done. Thanks to Ben and Auckland Skytower for this amazing day! And thanks to the staff at Nomads Auckland for looking after me on my short job swap from Nomads Queenstown.

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