Best Food on Fort Street

I don't know about you but when I am starving I am ready to "kill" everyone on my way and can't think of anything except for food... BUT as soon as I have some food in my stomach I become the sweetest person in the world! :) So now you know... before talking to me ask whether I am hungry or not... lol.

You may or may not know that we have a variety of cafes and food outlets on Fort Street, Auckland, with cuisines from all over the world. Here you can find, and get a sniff of, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Italian food as well as some good old Kiwi favourites too. (So you can be sure that you will not be hungry in this part of town!)

Food on Fort Street, Downtown Auckland

- here's our top picks of the best dishes from the huge variety of food available in just this small area of downtown Auckland, mainly Fort Street but a few from Commerce street (which is right between our two Auckland hostels).

Romani Cafe

Pasta, pizza senorita! Romani Cafe is the best place to enjoy HOME COOKED Italian food. Enjoy delicious chicken panini for breakfast or lunch with a cup of freshly made coffee. Don't miss a chance to try home cooked lasagne and the freshly baked bread you get with it! And the portions there are HUGE! Besides awesome food they do have awesome staff working there.

Best food on Fort  Street


Which is few meters away from Nomads Fat Camel is also famous for incredibly tasty Italian cuisine. Every time I pass this cafe I can always see people there sitting outside, drinking wine and enjoying their food. Their pasta dishes are amazing, and their staff are lovely!

ZAP Thai Food

Ok, enough of Europe. Let's go to Asia! What can I say, I love Asian food. It is so unusual, new and you never know what you're going to see on your plate (sometimes it freaks me out). So if you feel like having some Thai food and don't want to search all over Queen street? Pfff... easy! Just take a wander down Commerce Street (just next to Fort Street) and order some exotic food from ZAP Thai Food.

OMG they have a big variety of noodles, rice, curry, spring rolls and much more!! And prices are really good in there, almost all of the dishes are under $15!

Genta Sushi Bar

When I first came here I was amazed by the number of Sushi bars you can find, you can't find that many in Europe. And they are relatively cheap here! Especially in Genta Sushi Bar on Commerce street they have a special deal: Believe me it tastes really good and nice for a quick lunch.

velvet burger fort st

Velvet Burger

Now we are going to the favorite food of most backpackers! BURGERS!! Who has never tried burgers in Velvet Burger? You? Seriously? Get your a** over here! They do have the best burgers in Auckland, in my opinion, and if you stay at Nomads Auckland you get FREE fries!

They have different kinds of burgers with true New Zealand ingredients. Vegetarian? Try Animal Rights with Kumara & Coriander Pattie, Salad, Beetroot, a minty yoghurt Sauce, Aioli & velvet Relish. The best place to go if you have a hangover!

White Lady

PARTY HARD, EAT SMART! Craving for food at 4am after a big night out? Run to White Lady on Fort Street and your night will be even greater! As far I am concerned this big white van is a drunk persons heaven, it's been open for years and it is a popular place with young people. Every day... ehm, mostly every night, there are lot's of people craving for the delicious burgers. Even the simple hot dog tastes amazing there!

Aucklands White Lady Van is an institution in Auckland and an absolute must to visit when you're out on the town. (If you don't like burgers they do great cheese toasties!)

Sal's NY Pizza

Well, in the end some simple but awesome food - everyone loves PIZZA! "Pizza is a lot like sex! When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.” - Unknown author.

But in SAL'S NY PIZZA on Commerce street they do have only good pizza and it is sooooo yummy! And it is HUGE!! But if you can't handle eating the whole pizza you can also buy it by the slice. You should also try their special items, garlic knots and pepperoni wheels.

sierra cafe fort st

And well as all the places mentioned above we have some pretty great cafes too! Sierra, Hollywood Bakery and Viz all have good breakfasts and lunches (and coffees!) for sale.

(I can recommend the omelettes from Sierra which are particularly nice to eat outside in their small (nicely sheltered from the wind) outdoor area!

Enjoy your food on Fort street or you can always eat it on the roof top of Nomads Auckland!

OMG! I feel so hungry now! Even I don't know where to go!! Pizza, pasta, burger or maybe noodles!? Hmm... Hard decision!

Buon appetito! ความอยากอาหารที่ดี! 食欲! 胃口好!

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