Aotea Square Ice Rink

Most of us are complaining about this chilly and pretty cold weather now that it's winter in New Zealand. However I have to say that I kinda like it, I like it a lot actually! Auckland is beautiful and is, with its surroundings, one of my favorite cities in New Zealand. Now that it is winter time, the Big Little City has opened something to entertain us during these colder days: The Aotea Square Ice Rink.

aotea square ice rink

Ice skating has a different meaning for everyone. I used to ice skate on a huge lake with thousands of other people, pretty annoying if you ask me!

That's why I like the Aotea Ice Rink as it is not too busy and you have enough space to skate around for ages. Normally I get bored quickly but even on ice skates I'm good at meeting new people. Backpackers, locals and even people from my country were there when I went which kept me entertained for a while haha.

For everyone who loves to ice skate, or who loves to hang out around this place and watch people fall on their butts, this is an absolute must! I recommend visiting this attraction during the evening as you will have that special feeling that you need to have while skating on ice during winter time in Auckland City. I am from a country where winter is at Christmas and the Aotea Ice Rink gives me the feeling that it's Christmas here in Auckland. Oh before I start to talk too much crap... let's just say that it's really cool to visit this place with your friends and family or your lovely partner.

The Aotea Ice Rink can be found right in the centre of town at Aotea Square (just off Queen Street which is the main shopping street in downtown Auckland) and this year (2013) runs until the 11th of August, so kind of a must to at least go for a visit once.

I don't know how good you guys are with skates on but I want to bet that I can beat every single one of you without even falling once! Come and visit us at Nomads Auckland and let's go with a group together! Imagine how cool the photo's would be from most of us lying on the ground instead of actually standing on the ice!! Haha... funny times!

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