There are plenty of fun and free Byron Bay activities to enjoy when visiting Australia’s most easterly beach side town. How great is that? Here are just a few ideas for you for how you can spend your time in Byron Bay without breaking your budget (although, if you do have a bit of cash we’ve also listed a few fun things that cost a bit of money but are well worth considering)

Free Byron Bay Activities

Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk – Probably the most famous thing to do is to take the time to walk to the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse. The walk to the top takes about an hour and is filled with some of the most scenic views and beautiful beaches you can find around Byron Bay.

Although the first time I walked up to the lighthouse it did show how unfit I was, reaching the most easterly point of Australia is an accomplishment in itself. During winter you have the chance to see the migrating humpback whales, which is an awesome experience. Other than that nearly every time I have been up at the lighthouse I’ve seen dolphins and if you really have a keen eye you could see the odd turtle or two!!

things to do in byron bay lighthouse

Byron Bay Market – Another pretty cool free thing to do is visiting the local Byron Bay market on each first Sunday of the month. The market offers a great range of hand crafted wares, artworks, locally-grown produce and many stalls with foods and drinks. You can also make your own candle or shirt with the background music from a local band while you do it. The market is always busy with any kind of people; families, hippies, backpackers, everyone is there on Sunday morning!

byron bay farmers market

Nightcap National Park;- another one of the nice things to do in Byron Bay. It’s part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. It has ancient rainforests, waterways and spectacular views over the 20 million year-old Wollumbin shield volcano and a lot of walking tracks.

For instance you can do a walking track among waterfalls and pools to Minyon falls. When you’re exhausted you can take a rest at the Terania Creek picnic area. If you are in an adventurous mood you can also go there for an overnight camping trip.

Hit the Beach – Furthermore, Byron Bay is famous for its beaches and best things about it is; they’re all free! Since the weather in Byron Bay is pretty decent the entire year, why not enjoy it by laying down at the beach or by taking a dip in the ocean. Especially during the summer season the Main Beach is packed with friendly people.

If you’re looking for a quieter spot then consider going to any of the other beaches: Belongil Beach, The Wreck, Clarkes Beach, The Pass, Watego’s Beach, Little Watego’s, Cosy Corner, Tallow Beach. At most of these locations one can also enjoy the Australian wildlife or watch the more adventurous people windsurfing, bodyboarding or paragliding. Check out our guide to the best surf beaches in Byron Bay here.

beat surfing beaches byron bay

Hit the Town – Another fun thing to do in Byron Bay is window shopping, just walking around aimlessly along the streets and looking at the many products on offer in our little shops and boutiques. While walking around you notice the unique atmosphere Byron Bay has to offer. The beautiful thing about Byron Bay is that there are musicians on nearly every corner, so at night if you’re not up for hitting up pubs and clubs in Byron Bay for a wild night, take the time to stroll the streets of Byron Bay listening to the buskers. You will find the drum circle up at Main beach playing every day at sunset, and literally nearly every other corner of Byron Bay will have some sort of music to listen to.

Fun Byron Bay Activities

(not free but well worth doing!)

Kayaking or Surfing – as you may expect this isn’t for free but very fun to do! While kayaking at the Byron Bay Marine Park, you can see dolphins, turtles and from June till October you might see whales during their annual migration! It’s quite fun to do, however you will have muscle pain the day after from paddling through the waves. You can also surf the waves with your kayak, an awesome experience! During your three hour trip you’ll be guided by experts who can tell you everything about kayaking, the wildlife and Byron Bay.

If you want to be even more fanatic, you can go surfing. There are a lot of surfing schools who can teach you how to beat the waves and find the best surfing beaches in Byron Bay! You can choose to have a few surf lessons or to go on a surf camp. The experienced instructors know the best places to surf and also watch the wildlife. Who doesn’t want to learn to surf near a few dolphins!

surfing byron bay

Most people see Byron Bay from land (while walking etc.) or from sea (while surfing or kayaking), but another unique way to see this most Eastern town in Australia, is by doing a skydive, paraglide or take a ride in a Hot Air balloon. Skydiving is an absolute thrill; freefalling from an airplane at around 14,000 ft; definitely not for the faint of heart! Skydiving too much for you? Try hang-gliding! Still too much for you? Why not go on a hot air balloon ride? One hour long tour around Byron Bay and experience the beautiful scenery from a completely different point of view.

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