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Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay

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If you’re staying IN the Bay, then you’ve got to get out INTO the Bay, NO EXCUSES! Hungover again??, well sea kayaking with Go Sea Kayak is THE perfect hangover cure (and was also the perfect way to spend my 25th birthday!). There is nothing more cleansing and invigorating than the sea… there must be something in the water!

It was such a beautiful day, sun shining, water crystal clear. All I remember at first was thinking gosh these kayaks are so heavy but we made it onto Clarkes beach.

We all listened carefully to the Go Sea kayak instructors when they explained how to kayak, before we jumped into the kayaks battling waves and paddling fast trying to avoid capsizing! It was so much fun and also an awesome adrenaline rush getting out there. Everyone in the group met together after the first few waves, sticking together we were praying to see dolphins. Our friendly instructors began telling us a little about Julian rocks which we could fully see in the distance. These pair of islands full of marine life and known to be in Australia’s top sites to scuba dive.

We started to drift further into the ocean when we spotted a few turtle heads above the surface. Everyone was chatting enjoying the moment and the beauty of the bay. Suddenly I heard a little scream from a young lad on the tour, there were 5 dolphins leaping out of the water playing gracefully in the waves! We started making lots of noise which seemed to be successful as more and more started to appear synchronising in their social groups. It was such a magical and memorable experience seeing them in the wild and free.

go sea kayaking byron bay
Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay

As we were all focusing and watching these extraordinary sea marine mammals we started to forget about actually controlling the kayak. The waves started to get extremely big feeling a little like a roller costar but we made it and even stopped for a snorkel on our return.

One of my highlights of the whole thing would definitely be catching the wave back in. That was seriously good fun!

“…you are almost guaranteed to see the dolphins and turtles. Wait a minute… In fact you are!”

Byron Bay is a protected marine park, with no commercial fishing allowed. This means there is an abundance of marine life, and you are almost guaranteed to see the dolphins and turtles. Wait a minute… In fact you are! If you are unfortunate enough not to see anything on your trip, the boys will take you out again for free. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

So let the boys from Go Sea Kayak take you out on a 3 hour sea kayaking adventure. You can be safe in the knowledge that Go Sea kayak is owned and operated by Local Surf Life Savers so you know that you’ll be well looked after by these safety conscious and guides who are knowledgable about the area and the sea.

If you’re interested in doing this trip yourself, it’s only $59. They operate twice a day, going out in the morning and again just after lunch and you’ll be picked up and dropped back at your hostel. You’ll get free morning tea and free pictures of the trip. If you’re lucky you might even get a tim-tam.

Need somewhere to stay? Stay with us at The Arts Factory Lodge and we can book you on this amazing trip.

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