You don’t have to go far to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Lake Ainsworth, or more commonly known in the area as ‘Tea Tree Lake’, is an amazing fresh water lake located in Lennox Head which is about 15 minutes drive south of Byron Bay. It is here that locals will make a pilgrimage to settle their minds and to escape the hustle and bustle.

There are a few ‘tea tree’ lakes scattered around the Byron Bay region and Ballina Shire, but Lake Ainsworth is one of the most amazing and well known.

The lake was named after James Ainsworth (1843-1924), a farmer who was one of the very first settlers to the area. In those times the lake was an unrivalled source of fresh water but also a natural playground for the locals of the area. And it remains that way today. It’s a great place for swimmers, paddle boarders and floaters alike.

tea tree lake ainsworth

So how does the lake “heal” you exactly? When Tea Tree plants grow beside a lake, as they do at Lake Ainsworth, their supernatural oil drips down into the water, creating something similar to a ‘medical bath’. They colour the water so it looks like a cup of tea with an oily film on top. Some might think it doesn’t look very appetising but the water is totally fresh and the tea tree oil works wonders on your skin. After a good long soaking you’ll come out of the lake feeling fresh and revitalised!

The Bundjalung Aborigines of the North East Coast of NSW were the first to use the Tea Tree plant for medical reasons. They would take some leaves from the tea tree plant, crush them up and rub into bites, grazes, burns and other skin irritations. They would also use it as an insect repellent. These days Tea Tree oil is used to treat acne, cold sores, dandruff and many more ailments. Just stroll down the streets of Byron Bay and you will smell the thick yet refreshing smell of tea tree.

tea tree lake byron bay

Lake Ainsworth is located to the Northern end of Lennox Main Beach and is easily accessible. There is also a caravan park located right on it’s shores if you fancy staying there for a night or two.

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For any help, advice or directions see the amazing Mad Travel Crew at the Arts Factory Lodge and Nomads Byron Bay!

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