Top Five Parks in Sydney

There is no better thing in life than hanging around in a park on a lovely sunny day. It's the perfect way to cure your hangover, catch up with friends or to finally get yourself an Aussie tan!

There are loads of parks in Sydney and they're beautiful. Check out the 5 best Sydney Parks (according to me!)

1. Royal Botanic Garden

With 3,544,344 annual visitors* per year, The Royal Botanic Garden is for sure the most well known, popular and the best Sydney park. The park was established in 1816 and is 30 hectares in size (although it's within a site that is 64 hectares in total). It's home to the famous Cockatoo, white Ibis, Brush-tailed Possums and the Flying Fox. My favourite spot to chill out has an amazing view of the beloved Sydney icons: the Harbour Bridge & The Sydney Opera House! You gotta love this place.

Read more about The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney here...

royal botanic gardens lake - sydney park
2. Hyde Park

Situated in the heart of the city; there is always something going on in Hyde Park! Named after the original Hyde Park in London, it's Sydneys oldest park. Enjoy your day full on while playing ball games, having a picnic or by doing some exercises. Or visit some of the publi art works or theme gardens. Hyde Park Sydney is host to numerous events throught the year such as The Sydney Festival, Anzac Day (The Anzac Memorial is within the park grounds) and the Sydney Food and Wine Fair. The sky is the limit in spacious Hyde Park!

archibald fountain hyde park sydney
3. First Fleet Park

First Fleet is located on the Harbour foreshore, next to Circular Quay. While spending time in First Fleet it is guaranteed you will have an awesome laidback moment. Not to mention a moment with a view to kill! Enjoy the popular sights, relish the sounds of the didgeridoo and soak up some sun; all at the same time!

4. Belmore Park

Waiting for the train or on a lunch break? Belmore Park is definitely the place to be! It's situated between Central Station and Chinatown and is famous for playing host to the Chinese New Year Celebrations each year. Wander around while enjoying the surrounding CBD district!

belmore parks in sydney
5. Victoria Park

Located on the corner of City and Parramatta Road Broadway, Victoria Park is an amazing place to relax, ease the mind and escape the busy vibrant city for just a while. This 9 hectare park has grassed areas, Lake Northram and a swimming pool. The park is the venue for some annual events like Live Green Festival and the Gay and Lesbian Fair Day.

Summer is obviously the best time of year to visit the best parks in Sydney but they're worth a visit at all times of year! And if you fancy a BBQ with your friends check out the best BBQ locations in Sydney here.

No worries & Enjoy!



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