Mystery Rooms Sydney

There’s a new trend hitting Sydney: Mystery Rooms! And I just had to check it out. There are many companies offering Mystery Rooms but what exactly are these? Well chill out and I’ll tell you...

Mystery Rooms is basically like a real life CSI, Cluedo or murder mystery, if these words were running through your mind then well done my clever friend! Mystery rooms involves a group of friends being “locked” (can’t actually be locked due to fire safety reasons but you can pretend) in a room where some kind of crime has occurred. You and your friends have 1 hour to solve the puzzles to figure out what happened and who did it.

Sounds like mega fun right? – yes it is! Me and two friends went for a friend’s birthday and it was the best!

We decided to experience a mystery room adventure with The Escape Hunt Experience in Sydney. Escape Hunt has three mystery rooms to offer; the Cottage, Dockyard and the Pub, each with its own story to discover:

  1. The cottage owner has been robbed and it is up to you to solve the crime.
  2. The dockyard captain is being blackmailed; it is up to you to figure out who the blackmailer is and stop them.
  3. There has been a murder in the pub you must use your skills to solve the case.

We did the Cottage which is a beginner level mystery room, we were let into a room full of clues and we had to decide where to start, what the clues meant and where they lead us. Some clues weren't even clues they were just there to throw us off, just like a real murder mystery case.

Solving the puzzles and clues took maths (ew), logic, common sense, out of the box thinking and common sense. You are only given an hour in the room but we took the last spot so the guy gave us some extra minutes which we were really grateful for. Now I'm not going to tell you too much more about The Escape Hunt Experience in Sydney because it would ruin it when you go! Just know that it's heaps of fun and a great alternative activity to do with your friends or as a team building experience with your workmates.

Escape Hunt allows a maximum of six people in one group but personally I think that would be too many, three was the perfect number for us.

Warning: be careful who you go with – someone will take the lead and this can ruin friendships!

Image from Escape Hunt on facebook


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