Indian Head, Fraser Island - 3 days 2 nights

Fraser Island is a 'must see' and on top of the to do list for most backpackers visiting Australia and planning to cruise along the east coast. The best way to see the island? A 3 day / 2 night 4X4 4WD Tour of the island!

I have recently started working at Nomads Noosa as an Intern - the greatest job in the world! Every week I get to meet travellers departing from the hostel to explore Fraser Island and this week, it was finally my turn! From what everyone was telling me so far,  it was the world’s most beautiful (and biggest) sand island. I wanted to spend as much time as possible on the island so decided to go on a 3 day/ 2 nights tour tag along tour - this way I could get to drive a 4WD on the beach!

fraser island 4wd

Because my experience as a staff member at Nomads Noosa (an awesome hostel to stay for a few days before or after the Fraser tour), I already knew what the drill was going to be. The tour began with a briefing the night before where I got to meet my future friends for the next three days - there were 33 adventurous and friendly people on my tour. After a quick talk with some people in the group, it was time to pack my stuff and get myself a decent few hours of sleep... from stories that I heard I already knew sleep was not a thing I was getting a lot of on Fraser.

Day 1: 6:30 am: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* Wake up call by the lovely sound of my phone. This was normally the sound of a new day of work or study, but not this time. This time it was pretty much the sound of excitement! After a quick shower, it was finally my turn to jump onboard the bus.

After a two hour bus drive from Noosa to Rainbow Beach and a last quick briefing, we arrived at the ferry which was going to bring us to Fraser Island. Lucky enough the weather was great and resulted in a beautiful ferry ride on deep blue water and already an amazing view over Fraser island. In less than ten minutes we were there. Here the real Fraser adventure was about to begin!

lake mckenzie fraser island

We jumped back in our cars and made our way to Eurong Resort. This would be our basecamp for the next few days. It was a great resort and just literally 10 seconds walking from the beach. There was a great bar for amazing fun in the evenings. After a quick lunch, which is included in the trip and pretty healthy and tasteful as well, we started bouncing around in the 4WD to our first magical stop: Lake Mackenzie. Lake Mackenzie is a lake in the middle of the island, with pure rainwater and again an amazing view. If you are a kind of a person that believes everything then you are here in the right place. Our driver told us that the water in Lake is great for the skin. Looking at my baby face afterwards, it could be true…

Fraser Island was blowing my mind. The sights were amazing as we cruised along the sandy 75 Mile Beach 'highway' in a 4WD. We saw a dingo on the beach, yeah just one. We also for to stop by the famous Maheno Shipwreck, the Champagne Pools and Indian Head Lookout where the views of the coast made for some really good photos! It was hard to believe that we saw all of this in just one day.

Day 2: After a great night in the resort bar with lots of alcoholic snacks, me and some other die hards managed to get ourselves together and watch a breath taking sunrise on the beach. Surely a thing everyone should do on this amazing trip! A quick breakfast later we were back in our car to head off to our last stop of the trip: Eli Creek. A (very cold) clear flowing water creek. You can actually cruise along the river in a rubber ring! Lake Mackenzie should make you look younger. But Eli Creek will definitely make you FEEL younger, floating around on those rubber bad boys!

lake mckenzie group

Day 3: After all the amazing things from the last few days, it was really time to go back to Nomads Noosa and get ready for the after party in in KB’s bar. Looking back on the trip, I can say just one thing: you have to do it! Everything that people told me about this island is as true as Koala’s having Chlamydia (no joke). Aside from the fact that we saw some absolutely stunning views, it was great to meet new people and have ‘heaps’ of fun with my car buddy’s. The greatest thing about this tour is that you get to share a car with seven other people, which makes it a close and intimate trip.

The only thing I can recommend at this point: just do it! You won’t regret it for sure! Find out more about our Fraser Island tours here.

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