Melbourne Markets

Since I set out on my travels 5 years ago now, I sometimes find it hard to distinguish the things about me that are different, I'd very much like to believe that I am the exact same, no difference here, haven't aged a day. And in many ways it's true, I'm not that different, I still don't know how to use twitter, I still read magazines discreetly in shops (without ever actually purchasing them) and whenever I go through airport security I still panic that I have subconsciously packed my carry on full of guns and crack.

But in this time I have definitely pin-pointed 3 significant changes in both body and mind that I must admit, I never saw coming;

  1. 2 day hangovers, they do exist and they are hell on earth
  2. Free range eggs
  3. Markets!
Melbourne Markets

These are just some of the markets you can find in Melbourne.

  • Queen Victoria markets (and the night market). Queen Victoria Market is open most days from the early morning, however the night market adds a little extra splash of exciting events and live music throughout summer on Wednesday evenings from 5pm - 10pm (Queen Vic Night Markets, 4 November - 15 March 2015/16, Wednesday nights only, Free Entry). - more
  • Artists Markets (Blender Lane, Rose Street Market) - more
  • St Kilda night markets. St Kilda Night Markets ooze a real St Kilda community vibe. Not only are there a number of clothing and cheap food stalls, at dusk the drum circles, hula hooping and fire twirling being to set the atmosphere. BYO booze and chill on the gardens by Luna Park in true St Kilda style! (3 December - 25 February 2015/16, Thursday evenings from dusk, Free Entry) - more
  • Up & Comers Fashion Market - more
  • Melbourne Night Noodle Market (Good Food Month). Set on the city banks of Birrarung Marr, the Night Noodle Market is a fantastic place to get a cheap eat with loads of food trucks and asian eats including everything from Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and more! Every night there is live music and entertainment to keep you occupied in the outdoor pop up market. (12 - 29 November 2015 6pm - 9pm, Free Entry) - more
  • South Melbourne Night Market. Located on the 96 Tram Line between Melbourne's CBD and St Kilda at the South Melbourne Market Sheds, the South Melbourne Night Market is absolutely buzzing with loads of market stalls, food trucks, food stalls and streets upon streets of bars bustling with beer drinking, market goers. (7 January - 10 March 2016, Free Entry). - more
The Melbourne Market Scene
queen victoria markets melbourne

The word “market” now has a similar association with my early 20's mind as “foam party” or “jello shots”. My ears prick when I hear the word and I immediately want to be informed of it's location. In fact to describe markets as even having a “scene” is a testament to the change of heart I have had toward them.

As children my brother, sisters and I would be dragged to various markets around Kildare and Dublin, sometimes stretching as far as Kilkenny and forced to listen as hippies preached the benefits of tea tree oil, sample soggy vegetarian food (usually containing lentils) and on one occasion watch an hour long demonstration of glass blowing.

So it was to my utter surprise that along with a new found respect for free range produce, an interest / obsession with markets has ensued. Perhaps it's because I live in Melbourne where there is an almost market culture. Here, you haven’t made it unless you spend your Sunday afternoons wandering aimlessly around The “Vic” Markets, buying home made marinades and drinking tiny cups of bitter coffee.

Either way it's definitely one of the better discoveries I've made whilst travelling. No longer do I recoil at the sight of brightly coloured tents or even turn up my nose at lentils, Melbourne markets have an elusive coolness associated with them and unless you're ready to embrace it you're going to be left behind... probably drinking jello shots.


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