About Fremantle

Fremantle, or Freo, as it is affectionately called by those in Western Australia is the place that brings quirkyness to the state. A small town 30 minutes south of Perth there is a lot going on and all of it pretty infamous.

From the Fremantle Prison to the weekend markets to Rottnest Island to the Cappucino strip it's pretty easy to fall in love with Fremantle.

The historic port of Fremantle brings colour, fun and a friendly attitude and is the fun-loving sister town to an older responsible Perth. It's easy to reach Fremantle by just a short ride on the train from Perth so you would be mad to pass up the opportunity to go. Just make sure you leave when you need to as it is pretty tough to tear yourself away from the relaxed lifestyle of wine bars and micro-breweries by night and coffee and breakfast specials the following morning.

Fremantle Attractions & Activities
Free things to do
  • Shipwreck Galleries - a free museum about some of the famous shipwrecks off the Western Australian Coast.
  • Fremantle Markets - Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Walking along the Esplanade Reserve and along the Harbour.
  • Check out the local art in one of the many galleries.
Things to do under $20
  • WA Maritime Museum
  • Drink Coffee along the Cappuccino Strip
  • Great Escapes Tour of the Fremantle Prison
  • Try local beers at one of the micro-breweries
Things to do over $20
  • Rottnest Island- meet the Quokkas
  • Tour the Fremantle Prison by tunnel
  • Organise a dive of the Rottnest Reef
  • Go Shopping! (you can easily spend over $20)

    Restaurants & Bars
    Good places to Eat:
    1. Street Food from the Fremantle Markets
    2. Gino's Cafe
    3. Sandrino Cafe (for Pizza)
    4. Jaynes Belgium Chocolate Cafe
    Good places to drink:
    1. The Orient
    2. Sundancer Backpackers Hostel
    3. Bar hop the Cappuccino Strip


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