Tully River Rafting Cairns

Cairns is the place to be when it comes to adrenaline filled activities and next on my list was white water rafting on the Tully river! On the morning of my trip I made my way to the Raging Thunder office and checked in for what I knew was going to be a great day. It was 6.30am, but the staff do a good job of waking you up with their enthusiasm of what to expect on the day.

Our group for the day jumped on the bus and made our way to Tully, 2 hours south of Cairns. Half way there we stopped off and had breakfast, a must for the amount of energy we would need to raft!

Arriving at the beautiful Tully river, we were greeted by our guide and got kitted up for the ride! We were lucky to be with one of the most experienced guides on the river. He got us all on the raft and in an upbeat manner we got the low down on what we needed to do. Rafting is a full on activity so we all had to make sure we understood the instructions.

After the brief we were off, I sat in the middle and I have to say I was nervous! But by the looks on the other peoples faces in my raft, I could tell they were too! Before we knew it we had ventured down the 1st rapid, legs, arms and paddles were everywhere, great practice of what not to do!

raging thunder river rafting

We paddled on through the river riding the grade 4/5 rapids, screaming and laughing with excitement. We also got the chance to have a swim in the water which was nice. Our guide also gave us some information about the Tully river and its surroundings which was very interesting.

After a paddle under a waterfall, which I can tell you was extremely cold, and got us all screaming again, lunch was then served beside the river, the BBQ was awesome and definitely needed!

After a rest we were off again to take in the remaining rapids with more laughing and getting very wet, all in the name of fun! We also got the chance to jump in from the cliff edges which was so much fun!

Before we knew it our day had come to an end and we were back on the bus to Cairns, but not before a well earned drink and the option to take a look at the photographs that had been taken throughout the day, which we all had a good laugh at!

With the choice to go extreme or just the standard trip, this is an awesome day activity that can be done in the rain or shine. If you are by yourself or in a group Raging Thunder Tully River Rafting totally worth it doing! I am up for doing it again, so who is coming with me?!

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