Reef Teach Cairns

Some of you may be thinking you haven't come all the way to Cairns for a lesson on the Reef, I'm going to tell you why you SHOULD! Reef Teach is an awesome 2 hour experience where you can learn all about the weird and the wonderful world of the Great Barrier Reef and all of it's amazing creatures for just $18 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

reef teach cairns

Let's face it - The Great Barrier Reef is an extraordinary experience and for some it is a once in a life time experience, so imagine how fantastic it would be to have excellent knowledge and to be full of facts before you head out there.

You will be able to recognise so much more about the common fish, corals and other animals as well as knowing what goes on in the ocean such as cross-dressing, sex changes, penis fighting and corroding sperm (this is not a joke and you will see what I mean!).

I kid you not, try attending Reef Teach and then watching Finding Nemo and Sharks Tale again over a few glasses of wine for a whole new understanding and perspective.

reef teach cairns

This is a fun and informal session that includes tea, coffee, biscuits and free fish and coral identification sheets. It really is a great addition to your Great Barrier Reef experience whether it be diving, snorkelling, by air or by sea.

A word of warning though, beach loungers should be prepared for a piece of unfortunate news that it is believed that the beach is made up of 40% Parrotfish poo. Just have a think about that next time you roll around in the sand.

This is also second on Trip Advisor for things to do in Cairns. A highly recommended and unforgettable experience which will enhance your Great Barrier Reef adventure.

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