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Despite being in Cairns for well over 2 years now it is really easy to get stuck in the daily grind of life and not actually get out and explore everything that Cairns has to offer. But as I have learnt, sometimes you must set time aside to make sure you make the most of the area you live in. So, recently I cleared my busy schedule as it was time to explore Fitzroy Island with Raging Thunder.

We started the day by jumping on the Raging Thunder Fitzroy Ferry to head over to the island. I used the 45 minute journey to simply take in the breathtaking scenery along the coastline and from this alone I knew I was in for a magical day. When we stepped off the ferry at Fitzroy Island I could hear the ocean calling me and within a minute we found ourselves running to the ocean front to immerse ourselves in the crystal clear waters of The Great Barrier Reef. I knew at this very moment that I was in paradise.

sunbathing fitzroy island

You could easily spend the day on the island simply laying on the beach absorbing the tropical sun however, there are endless activities to partake in and there really is something for everyone. Everything from Snorkelling, Paddle Skis, Glass Bottom Boats and even an Ocean Trampoline is available for you to try. Raging Thunder offers a number of packages containing different variations of the activities named above. We pretty much wanted to do them all...

After our little swim in the ocean we headed down to the beach hut to hire a kayak and snorkelling gear so that we could set off around the corner to one of the little coves that surround the island. Seeing everything from Nemo in his anemone, to a blue spotted lagoon ray and every other fish and type of coral in between was just breathtaking; although my favourite snorkelling memory was spending about half an hour or so swimming alongside a giant sea turtle.

fitzroy island raging thunder

After all the snorkelling we were famished so we packed up our stuff and kayaked back to the main beach. With lunch you have a few options. Firstly you can take your own packed lunch or if that just sounds like far too much effort Raging Thunder can actually provide it as part of your package. This option was great for us as it means that we could spend more time enjoying everything Fitzroy Island had to offer. We were soon able to sit back with full tummies and a cold glass of wine in hand, listening to waves lapping on the white sands.

After lunch, it was back into the water for us. We were able to get in touch with our inner child by having heaps of fun on the Ocean Trampoline. Yep... definitely nothing beats jumping into the crystal clear ocean on the trampoline. After lots of jumping and some more snorkelling we headed back to the beach for some final chill out time. With the stunning views and a cheeky cocktail from the resort bar I was devastated to be leaving.

After finishing our drinks and collecting our stuff, we very reluctantly headed back down to the jetty to board the boat back to the mainland, trying to take as many pictures that we could of the gorgeous surroundings that are Fitzroy Island. Although I was devastated to be leaving as the sun set over the mountains in Cairns I realised that I was leaving one paradise for another.

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