14000ft Skydive over Cairns

Since arriving in Cairns, amongst many things, skydiving has been up there in my top 'Must Do's'. I have spoken about it so much but something always seemed to get in way. Whether it was that painful hangover that didn't allow me to get out of bed or something else exciting planned it just never seemed to happen.

But this week I actually did it. Booked at the Mad Travel Shop at Nomads Cairns the night before, I had an early night in preparation for the early start the next day. Believe me sleeping was hard with the mixture of nerves and excitement that I was feeling. 

I woke up the day and couldn't stop smiling, the sun was shining and the conditions were perfect. At 7 am I was picked up and taken the short drive to the Skydive Australia shop where I quickly completed some paperwork and then it was time...

skydive cairns

After a final safety check and briefing I was introduced to the man who I was to have complete faith in for the next hour. I had chosen to have videos and DVD's with my jump as I thought this would be a great thing to show off to family and friends and something for me to look back on.

After a quick video interview we were on our way to the aviation site ready to board the air-plane. As soon as I got on the nerves really kicked in and butterflies were circling my stomach. There was 10 of us all snuggled in the plane, I was sitting at the front and would be second to jump. The flight itself to the drop zone was amazing, with stunning views of the great barrier reef and surrounding areas. I was so busy admiring the view I almost forgot the reason I was in the plane. When we reached 14,000ft I heard the doors of the plane open and my heart stop.

After a brief push from the tandem master we were freefalling from 14,000 ft straight over the great barrier reef. I have never felt such excitement as we went round in circles falling into the unknown. When the parachute eventually went up everything was silent as I took in the magnificent views. After what seemed like ages we were back on the ground after having completed something which can only be described as a once in a life time opportunity.

I urge everyone to do a Skydive as it was hands down the most amazing thing I have ever done. Between the actual jump, the views and the pure adrenaline it is a day I will never ever forget. I did my skydive with Skydive Australia and they have various dropzones you can choose from. I'm going to recommend the Cairns one though because the views over the Great Barrier Reef were incredible. Check out the options for a 14000ft skydive here.

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