WIRES - Wildlife Rescue

WIRES, (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services) is an Australian non profit organisation for animal welfare. We have a Northern Rivers Branch in Byron Bay of which I'm a member. What prompted me to join WIRES was when my car hit a kangaroo on a dark quiet road around 3 years ago. I was driving at 60 kilometers per hour on a lonely dark road at 11.30 at night. A kangaroo jumped right out in front of me and the front of my car hit the big animal. I stopped the car, put on my hazard lights and wound down my window.

All I could see was darkness and all I could hear was the thumping of my heart. All my mind could picture was a big angry kangaroo pumped up on revenge, jumping at me with its big feet, so I stayed sitting still in my car in the darkness. I rang my friend who I was going to visit to tell her of my dilemma. I wanted to help the kangaroo but I couldn't see it and the fear of it attacking me was getting the better of me.

As I was on the phone another vehicle drove passed me in the other direction. Then a few seconds later there was a man at my window, I screamed and my fear shot through the roof. Finally when I settled he informed me that there was a Joey on the road. I quickly got out and ran to the injured, hairless, defenceless, baby kangaroo. I drove the joey to my friends place and rang the WIRES hotline.

The WIRES volunteer lady told us to place the Joey into a pillow case with a hot water bottle and wait for a phone call from another WIRES volunteer to advise us what we should do with the injured animal. About 5 minutes later a man rang to ask if we could take the joey to his place which was only about 25 minutes drive away. We delivered the pillow case with the baby inside to the man. He then got in his car to take it on another drive out to the best person to look after the joey which was an hour and half drive away.

I was impressed and thankful for the three volunteers involved with the rescue and help for this Joey. Unfortunately, the mother was nowhere to be found and had lost her baby to the night, but without WIRES the joey would have died in my inexperienced care. After this accident, I decided to attend the WIRES 2 day training course, where there is intensive training in wildlife care. The training manual and course taught me so much about the care of orphaned and injured wildlife.

Being a WIRES volunteer has been a very satisfactory and rewarding experience. I have rescued a couple more joeys, a tawny frog mouth bird, and a few other cute interesting wildlife. I haven't done it for a couple of years, but writing this has bought back the passion to become a member and get back on the phone list of available carers. If you are interested in being a WIRES volunteer there are regular 2 day courses. It is fun, informative and very rewarding.

Archer the baby Koala being hand-raised by keepers at Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney.

About WIRES:

  • WIRES is a non-profit, Non Party Political organisation, where animal welfare always comes first. All carers are voluntary, and give their time and emotions free of charge.
  • The welfare of our native animals is a responsibility that should be of concern to all Australians.
  • All WIRES carers undertake intensive training in wildlife care, and many go on to specialise in specific species.

After treatment, often involving intensive veterinary care nursing and rehabilitation by the rescuers and carers, animals are returned to the wild with as little human intervention as possible.

We rely on public donations which are tax deductible when $2.00 and over. You will contribute by enabling us to carry on with our rehabilitation work, so please give generously. You will be issued with a tax deductible receipt. All funds raised stay in our local branch. - http://www.wiresnr.org/


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