Water Polo Byron Bay

Last Monday was the start of the season for the Byron Bay Water Polo club. I am currently living in Byron Bay, but I am not from Australia, and when I walked by the swimming pool three weeks ago I saw an interesting sign. It was a poster to sign-up for the water polo summer competition. I played water polo for years in my own country, so this was great for me to sign up for! I signed up and last Monday I played my first two water polo matches for months.

The Byron Bay Water Polo club is a very social club. They have a womens, mens and a youth squad. Maybe not everyone can play water polo at a top level, but that isn't that important in Byron Bay. It's all about the game and to have fun. I played with the mens squad and I think we will have a proper team this summer.

We actually did not know each other when we played our first match, but we understood each other quite well in the water. It was so amazing to play water polo; it is such a lovely team sport. You have to play together to score a goal and you will have to defend together to avoid a goal on your side. Furthermore it is another great way to stay in shape in Byron Bay.

byron bay waterpolo

Besides being fun to play, it is fun to watch as well. Visitors and spectators are welcome at the Byron Bay swimming pool every Monday night. It depends if the Byron Bay Water Polo has to play at home or in another village.

On the 10th and 11th of November 2012 they've arranged their own tournament in the Byron Bay swimming pool, so you can watch short Water Polo games - 5 against 5. It makes the game faster and more attractive to people who may never have watched a game before. If you are interested in water polo as well, you can contact the club and probably you can join the squad!

See you in the swimming pool!


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