Kata Tjuta, Valley of The Winds

Kata Tjuta also known as Mount Olga is a large rock formation located near Uluru; Kata Tjuta is actually higher than Uluru. There are three walks visitors can do in and around Kata Tjuta; the dune viewing area, the gorge walk and the Valley of the Winds.

On a recent visit to the outback I completed the Valley of the Winds walk, this walk takes roughly 3 hours and involves some steep climbs and there are some loose stones. Good footwear and water are essential!

kata tjuta valley of the windsI must point out now that I am scared of heights, no that’s complete bull I’m scared of spiders I am terrified of heights, so it’s no surprise that the group I went with loved this tour however I wasn’t so keen. The first part of this walk is the hardest, or should I say the steepest, first you walk along the track then the ‘path’ starts heading up, as in up the side of the wall and you know the saying what goes up… must come down.

After we go up, we go down the track over loose stones and rocky terrain through Kata Tjuta, then the path goes fairly flat for a short while but don’t be fooled! Around the corner is a steep ramp to the top of a hill, this steep climb isn’t as bad as the one after it and once again once up you must go down.

But truly after this it is mostly flat ground (yay!) this is when I really started to notice the views which were amazing, the scenery was truly stunning.

This is a great walk but remember to take some water and snacks (and go to the bathroom before you leave) because it does get hot and it is a long walk. If, like me, heights aren’t your thing then there are other less intense walks you can do but the hardest part of this one is definitely the first bit.

I managed The Valley of the Winds at Kata Tjuta and am really proud to be able to say I did it and I got some amazing photos to show for my effort. So even if you're afraid of heights, just try to do this one as you'll be really glad you did!


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