14000ft Mission Beach Skydive

Sunday 29th September I relived my dream. I jumped out of a plane at 14000ft in Mission Beach with Skydive Australia! This was the second skydive I have done and it was by far the best yet. I am currently living in Airlie Beach which is a good 6 hour drive away, but it was worth the journey 10 times over. It is a beautiful place and you get to land onto the Beach, this is one of the only places in Australia you can actually land on the beach!

bali hai mission beach

Once arriving in Mission Beach on Saturday, I checked into the Bali Hai Skydive Resort. This place was huge. What was even better is that the beach was right on my doorstep.

Bali Hai featured very comfortable beds, large dorms, volleyball courts and a massive area for socialising with the other guests. This was definitely the perfect place to start my adventure.

The next morning I woke at 6am to see the stunning sunrise on the beach just metres across from my dorm room. Today is skydive day and it looked like it was going to be a fantastic day for it!

skydiving mission beach

I checked in for my skydive at 7am, and I was ready to jump. Strapped up, intro video filmed and off we went to the plane. Flying to 14000ft was absolutely amazing, this place was paradise. Looking out I could see Islands, rivers, bright blue waters... all were visible and some lucky people even get to see marine life swimming around below you. All the way up to 14000ft the staff were taking lots of film for the video I'd purchased to remember this incredible experience.

The doors opened, and away we go... The feeling of falling towards earth is indescribable. The freefall lasts a whole 60 seconds and then the parachute opens, you even get the chance to steer the parachute. Amazing. To finish it off we then landed onto the beach right outside of Bali Hai, so it was just a short walk to get back to my bed! (Not that I could sleep I was buzzing too much!)

Best experience in Australia? 100% yes!

Thank you Skydive Australia.


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