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World Surf League

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Every year, the world’s best men and women surfers spend the year travelling to the world’s best surf spots, where they compete against each other for the deepest tubes, biggest airs, and sickest carves in pursuit of being crowned World Champion. Known as the World Surf League, the year long tour takes surfers to all corners of the globe. From the excitement and high performance surfing suited to Australia’s golden sand beaches, to the dangers and drama of Tahiti’s reef breaks, competitors will face everything that the ocean has to throw at them. The World Surf League 2017 is shaping up to be the most exciting yet, with young superstars like Brazil’s Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo trying to take the title back from Hawaiian phenom John John Florence. And guess what? You can see it all go down at the Quiksilver Pro, so make plans to be there!

world surf league
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Situated at Coolangatta on the Queensland/NSW border, the world famous Superbank is the main location for the competition; a long right hand point break featuring pumping barrels and big sections that will test the world’s best surfers. The wave breaks right on the shore line, which makes the first stop on the world tour the perfect opportunity for spectators to get a front row seat as the likes of last years world champ John John Florence, and Kelly Slater – the greatest surfer of all time, as they battle it out with local favourite (remember the shark attack victim Mick Fanning?).

Check out some of last years finals day highlights:

Not a surf fan?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do on the the Gold Coast that do not involve wave riding. If you’re not into surfing then there are plenty of other reasons to come to the Gold Coast. Over the years, the World Surf League has grown up from it’s rinky dink surf competitions of the 1970s. Today’s event sites share more in common with corporate music festivals than the drum circles of yesteryear, and feature local markets, musicians and skateboarding demos; all of which are well worth checking out.

world surf league
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For those of you who are looking to party, this is the time of year to be on the Gold Coast as all of the major surf industry players throw parties while the Quiksilver Pro is in town. Check out the infamous Tracks Magazine party for a guaranteed good time, where you will mix it up with pro surfers, backpackers and industry elite.


Staying in Coolangatta during the contest period can be pretty overwhelming considering the sheer number of people who are in town for the Quiksilver Pro. We recommend staying a little farther afield in order to escape the rat-race. Surfers Paradise is our go to as it is only a short drive from the contest site and is close to the sea, meaning you can continue to enjoy the Gold Coast’s wonderful beaches.

Staying in the sleepy surf town of Byron Bay at The Arts Factory Lodge, or Nomads Byron Bay or the big city of Brisbane at Nomads Brisbane are also great options. Both Byron Bay and Brisbane offer something unique and different from Surfers Paradise, whether it be the chilled out vibe of Byron Bay, or the excitement and amenities of Brisbane, and both are within easy driving distance of Coolangatta and the Quiksilver Pro.

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