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Top Five Cycling Routes Australia

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Australia is a country with the most spectacular and diverse landscapes in the world. In my opinion they can best be discovered by bike. There are numerous places within Australia which can take you and your bike through landscapes which will keep you enthralled. If you enjoy cycling then check out my pick of the best cycling routes Australia has.

The Ocean Road (Which Is Great!)

If you think the Great Ocean Road looks great when travelling by car it gets even better when cycling. The most famous scenic road in Australia is a winding ribbon which is amazing for cyclists. Some of the stretches are definitely difficult but you see some of the best scenery, such as the cliffs, beaches, rainforest and ocean stacks from up close. The Great Ocean Road is about 250km long so I advise you to set aside 4 to 5 days in order to fully enjoy the journey.

Barry Way [Australian Alps]

Covering a distance of 71.6 km, this route is challenging because a major portion of the track is unsealed. The ride winds through the wilderness starting from Jindabyne, through the border of Victoria where Barry Way becomes the Snowy River Road. Barry Way will give you a great view of the Australian Alps along with the Snowy River Valley. The initial 27 km of the ride is on bitumen then you’ll have to use the off-road track beginning from the Ingebirah gap.

Rottnest Island

If you’re looking for a leisurely cycling route then you should visit Rottnest Island near Perth because it is primarily flat. You’ll be able to cycle around the island in just a few hours and every bend in the road will bring in view a new beach. There are 60 of them on the island! The roads on Rottnest Island are prohibited for most vehicles so you’ll have a great time cycling here.

The Gold Coast Peaks Challenge

The Gold Coast Peaks Challenge covers a distance of 235km. This route can best be described as having a difficulty level of hard! Being a sealed road you won’t have to go off-roading when attempting to complete the journey. You will however, need to work hard to enjoy the views as there are some steep hills.

Maria Island

If you didn’t enjoy the occasional bus on Rottnest Island, then head to Maria Island in Tasmania. Here you have the opportunity to watch some wandering wombats, kangaroos and Cape Barren geese. The wide tracks on Maria Island are open to cyclists and walkers and the island is entirely a National Park.

These are the top five Australian cycling routes I’ve chosen and I believe you will have a great time cycling around on the tracks suggested.

Author: I’m Eva Henderson writer, content coordinator at oddsdigger.com traveler and just cheerful girl. I adore active rest, especially cycling. Hope you will enjoy my publications! If you want to learn more about me and my hobby feel free to visit my Twitter

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  2. I think I will choose for cycling at Maria Island, I can see kangaroos more closely.
    And maybe I will try all routes cycling if I comeback again travelling to Australia.

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