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Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road is the most famous road trip any backpacker can and should take. No backpacker trip is complete without a vehicle, some friends, some music and the coast alongside you as you drive. After all, this road trip has worldwide recognition as an incredible scenic drive and is one of the top reasons that Victoria in Australia doesn’t get overlooked.

Whatever the weather this road trip needs to be driven.

The coast looks spectacular regardless of whether the sun is bright or the skies are overcast and there is plenty to keep you amused along the road trip from numerous scenic lookouts, to quaint coastal villages and, of course, the twelve apostles.

great ocean road sign

The road has historical importance too. It was built by returning World War I war veterans as a memorial to those who fought in the war. The added bonus was that it allowed Lorne and some of the other coastal towns a means of access to the rest of Australia. So the Great Ocean Road really does offer you a little piece of everything.

With so much to see along this incredible road trip here is a guide to the top spots to stop at along the Great Ocean Road.

Bell’s Beach – get your surfboard out and this famous surfing beach or, if you can’t surf, relax on the beach and admire the cool and attractive surfer guys and girls.

Timboon – Stop here to purchase some cheese (who doesn’t love cheese), wine and other local goodies. For whiskey fans head to Timboon Railway Shed Distillery, just make sure someone else is driving that day.

Great Otway National Park – For waterfalls, rainforest and glow worms, Great Otway National Park is a definite must do. Simply walk around the park and soak up the unique surroundings before heading to Cape Otway to catch the sunset. By spending a little more time here you can see an abundance of Australian Wildlife from kookaburras to possums to wallabies.

great ocean road

London Bridge (Arch) – Found in Port Campbell National Park is rock formation is famous for falling apart in 1990, transforming it from London Bridge to London Arch. When visiting take the time to think about the two people who found themselves stranded on the outer rock when it collapsed and what on earth was going through their heads. Bit of cool claim to fame though.

Loch Ard Gorge – Also part of Port Campbell National Park, this historical section of the Great Ocean Road is worth stopping at. In 1878 the Loch Ard ship ran aground at Muttonbird Island (awesome name for an Island) killing all bar two of its passengers. The area has that haunted feeling to it but is still spectacular.

loch ard gorge great ocean road

The Twelve Apostles – the Great Ocean Roads most famous site. The Twelve Apostles are limestone rock formations created thanks to the erosion of limestone cliffs millions of years ago. They are an example of nature evolving and often don’t get the mention they deserve when the world talks about sites of natural beauty. If you have the money, take a helicopter ride over the area. If not, try and watch the sunrise or sunset over this incredible landmark for that once in a lifetime feeling.

great ocean road
12 Apostles – Great Ocean Road

Lorne & Apollo Bay – Both places are scenic coastal towns offering that seaside atmosphere but the road that combines the two is one of the most stunning stretches of the Great Ocean Road.

Warrnambool – For anyone who has ever wanted to see whales in the ocean going about their day, this is the place to do it. As long as you are there between June and September. Female Southern Right Whales come to calve especially at Logan’s Beach and can be seen 100m from the coast. For those who aren’t visiting in those months, the beach is still a great place to stop, relax and take in your surroundings.

Tower Hill Volcano Reserve – This is as unique as it comes, a wildlife sanctuary located in an extinct volcano. Spend the day admiring Koalas, Emu, Kangaroos and a mass of waterbirds. You are guaranteed to be smiling by the end of the day.

These are a few of our favourite spots along the Great Ocean Road, your next step is to grab your rental car or camper van or book a tour and set off along Australia’s most famous road trip and let us know some of your favourite spots to stop along the way. If you don’t have a drivers license or you want to be ‘chauffered’ along the Great Ocean Road so you can enjoy the view without concentrating on driving, then check out a some Great Ocean Road tours or a surf tour!

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