Queenstown. The photogenic mecca of adrenaline. The home of Bungy Jumping. The adventure and party capital of New Zealand and a place that holds little (or large) portions of dignity donated by ever traveler that has ever entered the mountainous paradise that is, Queenstown.

There are too many reasons to list that justify why many of us, here at Nomads, have passed through for a ‘visit’ and have since never left. For some of us it’s the stunning views we wake up to each morning, for others it’s the pure fact that every night of the week is an excuse to lose our inhibitions and the rest, it is the endless opportunities to live each day to its fullest; snowboard, ski, mountain bike, hike – you name it – Queenstown has it!

Here’s a taste of the many things to do in Queenstown and why travelers continue to flock this little touch of New Zealand paradise…

1. Skyline Gondola

Queenstown is probably prettiest place in the whole wide world (no exaggeration)! The best way to snap some amazing photos you ask? Head up the Skyline Gondola for views like this…

view from gondola of queenstown

and afterwards – luge back down ūüėČ

2. Shotover Canyon Swing

Eek! Queenstown’s¬†Shotover Canyon Swing¬†is definitely up there with the scariest experiences that we have ever put ourselves through! With over 70 jump styles to choose from, you will drop from a platform sitting 109¬†meters¬†above Shotover River. The 200 meter rope swing will have you free falling for 60 meters.

3. Milford Sound

OK. Prepare to be WOWed. Milford Sound is like no other place on Earth and is one of the many unique wonders that sits so majestically in the stunning country that is РKIWI LAND!

Milford Sound was once deemed the ‘8th Wonder of the World.’ Day trips depart from Queenstown and include a coach drive through the jaw dropping serenity of the Fiordlands National Park and a boat cruise through the Sound. An absolute must do!

milford sound things to do

4. Haunted House (Fear Factory)

When we say that Queenstown ‘has it all’ – we weren’t lying! OK, we know at first a mention of a Haunted House sounds a little lame… however do not (we repeat… DO NOT) underestimate just how scary the¬†Fear Factory¬†is! We won’t give away too many details. You will just have to try it for yourself.

5. Bungy Jump

Queenstown is the absolute Queen (no pun intended) of Bungy Jumping with 3 different AJ Hackett Bungy sites to choose from:

The Ledge Bungy will have you free falling 400 meters above Queenstown from the Skyline Gondola Рintense Рwith night jumps also available in Winter!

The Nevis is the highest of all New Zealand Bungy Jumps and the 134 meter drop offers an epic 8.5 second free fall.

The world’s first commercial bungy site was launched by AJ Hackett at Kawarau Bridge – just a short drive from Queenstown’s town centre. The 43 meter¬†Kawarau Bridge bungy¬†will have you leaping into Kawarau Gorge (take our tip – ask for a water touch).

kawarau bridge bungy queenstown

6. K Jet

Queenstown sits upon the beautiful waters of Lake Wakatipu. The best way to experience the lake and surrounding rivers in all their glory is by the KJet Рa one hour, fast paced, adrenaline packed experience that will have you speeding, gliding and 360 degree spinning through Shotover River, Kawarau Falls, Tucker Beach and Lake Wakatipu.

7. Skydive

The country’s diverse landscape means that no matter where you jump out of a plane in New Zealand – you are guaranteed some pretty amazing views. Free falling from a tiny plane at 15,000ft above the snow capped mountains and lakes of the Southern Alps is no exception… just WOW! (NZONE¬†Skydive and¬†Skydive Paradise¬†both offer a sensational sky diving experience overlooking the magnificent views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu.)

skydive queenstown things to do

8. Hang Gliding

Imagine standing at the top of a mountain. You are so high that the clouds above feel like just an arm’s stretch away. The town of Queenstown below you looks like a tiny Lego land. You are strapped into a harness and attached to both a stranger and a metal frame extending to a parachute.

You are then told to run as fast as you possibly can off the edge of the mountain top. You have no choice. You do it. As your feet leave the ledge you then begin to float and fly through the sky like a bird. As the nerves subside you soon begin to calm down. Wow. The views below you are absolutely amazing. This must be what it feels like to be an Eagle.¬†Hang-gliding¬†in Queenstown – this is possibly the most unbelievable experience you have ever had…

9. Minus 5 Ice Bar

No party town would be complete without an Ice Bar right?

10. Ziptrek Ecotours

Ziptrek Ecotours¬†is an incredible Queenstown experience that will have you zip lining from tree to tree like Tarzan! The journey begins from the top of Queenstown’s Skyline Gondola. Prepare for some fantastic views as you make your way through the tree tops.

ziptrek ecotours things to do in queenstown
Ziptrek Ecotours in Queenstown is open year round and during the winter the backdrop of snowcapped mountains is spectacular. Credit: Ziptrek Ecotours

11. Stay at Nomads Queenstown

Yes we know this is cheeky but with a Sauna, Cinema Room and AMAZING staff (yes, that’s right) – we couldn’t leave¬†Nomads Queenstown¬†out!

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