The first thing you will see when first glancing out to sea from the beach in Byron Bay is the rock formation perched in the very centre of the bay 2.5 kilometers from shore. If you want to find out what Julian Rocks has to offer then book a trip with Byron Bay Dive Centre. Julian rocks is a magnet for lots of different kinds of beautiful sea creatures and coral and I recently did a Sea Turtle Snorkel Trip which was amazing.

If you have your own boat you could check it out by yourself, but I’m guessing you can’t fit a boat in your backpack so I advise you to take the Sea Turtle Snorkelling trip instead!

byron bay dive centre

The trip began by fitting your flippers, wetsuit and snorkel after a quick briefing you’re in a custom made 4×4 and on your way to the launch point. I have to tell you the boat trip is a whole experience in itself. The nimble dive boat skipped through the water on full throttle with ease, my adrenaline was pumping and I hadn’t even seen a shark yet!

and a few different species that were lurking around the fringing reef. It was time to get wet and explore the underwater world. As promised 5 minutes in and I already saw a huge blue fish swimming beneath me. After 10 minutes I saw a flock of sea turtles minding their own business. After 15 minutes I felt like I was part of the underwater world which was an amazing feeling. This made me realise how cool it is to swim among these creatures, to be a part of the underwater world.

The guide that was showing us amateurs the ropes calmly pointed out a shark (not harmful) sleeping beneath a rock. I can proudly tell my loved ones that I’ve swum with a living shark in the wild! (I just wont tell my friends he was sleeping).

Before I knew it the horn sounded and it was time to return to the dive boat and return to the beaches in Byron Bay. It was an amazing trip and well worth the money, I’d do it again for sure and maybe even a dive next time!

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