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The Positive Effects of Skydiving On Your Mind and Body

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Are you sick of long days in the office sitting behind a computer screen and never seeing the sun? Did you know skydiving is a great way to get a positive boost on your body?

“Skydiving?” we hear you ask. You know the benefits of healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and getting some daily exercise in, but skydiving? Absolutely! There are both physical and mental effects to the occasional skydive, and some of them you will feel for days.

The Positive Effects of Skydiving

Endorphin Boost

The most well-known physical benefit of skydiving is the endorphin boost or the adrenaline rush. This usually happens when you jump out of that plane and may last for a few days. The benefits include mental clarity, a feeling of euphoria and temporarily increased strength.


Skydiving is a physical sport, and the endurance side comes in once you start doing solo jumps or become an instructor. The gear is quite heavy, so once you’ve carried it to the plane and across the landing zone a few times a day, you’ll see your endurance starts to increase.

Muscle Growth

Skydiving, especially the free-falling part, helps you build up muscle memory and strength. Due to the positioning of your body when free-falling, you use the muscles in your glutes, spine and core. Once you’ve done a few jumps, you’ll certainly start to notice muscles you didn’t know you had.


Free-falling requires to you maintain an arched body position. This needs a good deal of strength and flexibility to stay in position through your jump. As you undertake more and more jumps, you’ll find your flexibility gets better. Make sure you remember to stretch after your jump – it will help with your flexibility.

positive effects of skydiving
The positive effects of skydiving – both mental and physical

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Change in Perception

If you’ve been feeling low, skydiving can give you enough boost to make you feel as though you can take on the world. When you’ve done something that is often fear-inducing, like jumping out of a plane at 10,000+ feet, your outlook on your normal day to day challenges change. Use that skydive as a catalyst to keep trying things outside your comfort zone.

Community Love

When you skydive, you become part of the family. The people in the plane with you, and those at the loading and drop zones know exactly how you are feeling and are very supportive. Skydiving makes you check in your negativity at the plane door, because there is certainly more to focus on in that moment than an argument you had with your neighbour that morning.

Embrace the Chemicals

The natural ones that is! It’s not only your body that gets a workout while skydiving, your brain does as well. There are three main chemicals that will course through your body as you skydive, and the benefits of these chemicals last long after you’ve landed.

Adrenaline gives you the benefit of being extremely aware of your surrounding and gives you a massive energy boost. We know that being in the sun gives you a boost of serotonin, which in turn helps to boost your energy levels. Serotonin also kicks in when skydiving, giving you a boost of positivity and helping you gain a new perspective and outlook on life. The final chemical, dopamine boosts feelings of motivation, enrichment, empowerment and excitement. If there’s something you’ve been holding back on doing through lack of motivation, you’ll probably feel like getting stuck into it after a skydive.

There’s no doubt that skydiving will test you both mentally and physically. Even though you’ve made the decision to get on the plane, a lot of people still hold a lot of fear about stepping out of that plane once they are 10,000 – 15,000 feet up in the air. The instructor certainly isn’t going to push you out of the plane, and taking that step is hard, but very rewarding.

The effects above are very real; we see them every day and we hear from skydivers just how much that first jump changes their perspective on life, how much positive energy it gives them.

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