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Top Ten Skydive Locations Australia & New Zealand

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Backpackers who visit Australia or New Zealand will inevitably take to the skies, attach themselves to a stranger and jump out of a plane. Skydiving is the ultimate in adrenaline seeking activities! Both Australia and New Zealand offer backpackers the chance to skydive pretty much everywhere you go but some skydives are definitely more spectacular than others. So where are the best places to skydive in Australia and New Zealand?

best places to skydive in new zealand

Best Places to Skydive in Australia and New Zealand

What you see when you are floating through the skies really makes the difference between a skydive and a total life-changing experience. So here we’ve compiled the top ten places to skydive within Australia and New Zealand based on recommendations made by staff who work at our hostels.

1. Lake Wanaka, South Island, NZ

Number one on our list is a New Zealand skydive that literally tops them all. A Wanaka skydive offers immense panoramic views of Mt. Cook, Mt. Aspiring and the world heritage Aspiring National Park rainforest, Lake Wanaka and other alpine lakes and miles of forestland. This really is skydiving New Zealand with a difference.

2. Gantheaume Point, Broome, WA

This isn’t a well-known skydive when you compare it with the others in this list but it offers some of the most incredible and unique scenery. Here you can jump out over deep red rocks which contrast with the vibrant blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The colours will have you mesmerised.

3. Mission Beach, QLD

Arguably the adrenaline capital of Australia this skydive gives its jumpers prime viewing of Queensland’s tropics, the Great Barrier Reef, various islands off the coast and a large stretch of beach. However, you may have to go up for a second skydive in order to take it all in.

4. Taupo, North Island, NZ

The famous New Zealand North Island skydive still attracts backpackers in their thousands for stunning views over Lake Taupo and the sights of New Zealand’s central plateau. New Zealand just wouldn’t be the same without a Taupo skydive.

5. Wollongong Beach, Sydney

There are plenty of places to skydive in Sydney but this is the only beach skydive and the only place to see the bustling city right next to the serene coastline and possibly a few whales and dolphins whilst you’re there.

6. Fox Glacier, South Island, NZ

Recommended by Lonely Planet and one of New Zealand’s most famous skydives, the fox glacier is one of the greatest places in the world to skydive. This skydive offers you just about every type of scenery you could wish to see from the Southern Alps to the ocean to the rainforest. Looking down at the fox glacier is pretty cool too when you’re free-falling.

7. Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, NZ

It may be New Zealand’s smallest national park but small it is not. From the skies you can take in the view of 23,000 hectares of protected coastline.

8. Bay of Islands, North Island, NZ

Not often chosen as a hot spot to skydive in New Zealand but why not? The Bay of Islands itself offers lush rainforest and many remote beaches so why not get an even better birds eye view of this stunning part of New Zealand and view it all while free falling.

9. Byron Bay, NSW

One of Australia’s greatest and most famous beach towns, Byron Bay is an optimum place for whale and dolphin spotting. Doing this from a plane and then as you’re parachuting down is even more spectacular! Read more about skydiving in Byron Bay.

10. Lee Point Beach, Darwin

Skydiving onto a beach rather than an airfield is awesome enough but this skydive offers you views of the coastline and the unique landscape of the Northern Territories.

If we are honest any of the above would give you the experience of your life so why not just work your way through the list and skydive your way around Australia and New Zealand.

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