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Paddleboard Through Australia: 8 Places to Explore on Your SUP

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One of the best things about traveling to Australia is getting to experience a place like no other.

Being the sixth largest country in the world, with variable weather patterns and an isolated geographical position, Australia is a country with exceptional biodiversity. Over 80% of the plants and animals are endemic! And this diversity is prominent in its features as well, with mountain trails, beaches, lush oases, and skiing opportunities across the continent. Although water makes up less than 1% of the total area, Australia still offers numerous places for paddleboard enthusiasts.

The following are the eight best places to explore on your SUP in Australia. Suitable for all skill levels, they’re equally great choices for adventurous spirits and those looking to kick back and relax.

Paddleboard Australia, 8 Best Places to SUP

1. Sydney, New South Wales

The most popular city to visit on the continent offers so much more than just urban exploration. After all, one of the reasons it’s so well-loved by tourists is that it’s easy to take in regardless of whether you’re traveling in a group or alone. In addition to the regular Sydney must-dos, which include Bondi Beach and Sydney Opera House, you’ll find that paddleboarding is quickly becoming a favourite activity of locals and tourists alike.

In truth, that’s no surprise. After all, the city provides numerous locations for anyone willing to give the watersport a try. Balmoral Beach, Manly Beach, and Malabar Beach are just some of the most famous spots, but you can also rent a board at Watson’s Bay and Cronulla. Once you’re done on the water (and have worked up an appetite), you’ll definitely appreciate the amazing food at the local cafes.

paddleboard australia sydney
There are plenty of places to try paddleboarding in Sydney

2. Boodjamulla National Park, Queensland

Popular amongst campers, Boodjamulla National Park is an exceptional location for anyone willing to spend a few days exploring nature. It’s a site most often visited by hikers who then rent a canoe to see the lower and upper gorge, but you’ll find that an inflatable SUP works even better, thanks to its weight and portability.

Keep in mind that Boodjamulla National park is only accessible during the dry winter months (from April until September) and that it’s quite attractive to tourists, so reserve a spot at the camps in advance to avoid disappointment. Also, bring sunscreen and a hat, seeing that temperatures tend to rise pretty quickly during the day.

3. Shire of Noosa, Queensland

Noosa is a trendy destination for those looking for an adventure. Made famous by its surf breaks, it offers locations for both beginner and advanced stand-up paddleboarders.

Those with little experience will particularly enjoy the Noosa River, which is clear, calm, and offers wildlife spotting opportunities. Those looking for a challenge, however, might want to head to First Point surf break, which has become particularly popular among surfers.

The great thing is you don’t have to bring your own board to enjoy SUP in Noosa. That’s because there are plenty of shops where you can rent either a hard or inflatable paddleboard, and you can sign up for a couple of lessons taught by local enthusiasts. All you need to bring is suitable clothing for paddle boarding and you’ll be ready to go.

sup noosa paddleboard australia
Noosa has lots of places where you can rent an SUP

4. Brisbane, Queensland

A big advantage of the increasing trendiness of paddleboarding in Australia is that there are more and more opportunities for anyone to try this eco-friendly sport. In Brisbane, you can learn the ropes of SUP by joining a 90-minute guided tour that includes a lesson for absolute beginners.

Suitable for all ages, you don’t need your own gear or previous experience, and you will be just fine with a spare change of clothes, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Once you’re done on the water, you can explore the city by bike, or visit GoMA, the largest gallery of modern and contemporary art.

paddleboarding australia brisbane
Head to Brisbane for an 90 minute paddleboarding tour; perfect for beginners

5. Perth, Western Australia

Whether you’re a beginner, or just want a laid-back SUP experience, paddleboarding on Swan River in Perth is a superb choice. This body of water is calm, so the physical aspect of the activity won’t be as taxing. Do keep in mind that the weather can get cold in winter, so the best time to get on the water will be between November and May.

If you want to try something more advanced, you can also head to Matilda Bay. That’s where you can do a bit of SUP yoga, which is wonderful for improving balance and offers excellent Instagram potential.

paddleboarding in perth
Why not try paddleboarding in the Western Australian city of Perth

6. Dove Lake, Tasmania

A visit to Cradle Mountain national park should definitely be high on your list. After all, it’s home to one of Australia’s best walks. And, the trail is only six kilometers long, which gives you plenty of time to do some paddleboarding or just cool off at one of the small beaches you’ll come across.

If you’re not big on walking, but still want to enjoy the breathtaking views from the foot of Cradle Mountain, you can also drive to Dove Lake. Just keep in mind that parking spaces are limited.

7. Hobart, Tasmania

Those looking for an active holiday and plenty of hiking opportunities should definitely visit Tasmania. Setting up base in Hobart is a great move, as it offers easy access to all the popular spots, while also letting you enjoy your favourite water activity: stand-up paddleboarding.

The waters of the Derwent River are calm, thus perfect for beginners, while heading to Blue Lagoon Beach will offer scenic views. Do keep in mind, though, that the best place to get on your board will depend on tide and wind conditions. Make sure you either check the forecast or hire a professional instructor who will ensure your safety.

hobart tasmania
Hobart is a beautiful place to visit and try out SUP

8. Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

Lastly, if your journey takes you to Melbourne, you might want to visit the city’s largest bay. Port Phillip offers over 200km of protected coastline and is a must-see for absolutely anyone. In addition to beautiful views and endless inspiration for budding photographers, this location can also be a fantastic place to SUP. The water here is calm, so beginners don’t have to worry. And there have even been reports of dolphins joining in on the fun, which is definitely something to look forward to!

All in all, this wonderful continent definitely offers some of the best experiences for paddleboarding enthusiasts of all skill levels. whichever destination you choose, you certainly won’t make a mistake. And if you’re lucky, you might even be able to give them all a try!

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