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Best Walking and Hiking Tracks in Tasmania

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Active holidays are all the rage right now, and how could they not be? They elevate the travel experience to a completely new level offering you the chance to see and meet the wonders of your destination through various physical activities. And one of the best things to do is to visit Tasmania and explore one of the many stunning hiking tracks Tasmania has to offer.

This Australian island state is covered in protected areas like national parks that it’s simply impossible to avoid hiking and walking here. The importance of nature is so strong here that the first green party – United Tasmania Group (UTG) was founded here in 1972. Known for the unique plant and animal life, Tasmania offers a really memorable path for hikers and you might even see the famous Tasmanian devil.

So, if you travel to Tasmania here are some locations where you will find amazing hiking experiences.

Best Walking and Hiking Tracks Tasmania

1. Maria Island National Park

Maria Island National Park includes an island of the same name. This is a place of gorgeous landscapes that is agreeable for all types of hikers. The amazing and clear waters are right there for swimming, snorkelling, and other sports after you return from one of the walks. It takes four days for a hiking experience on this island and you will get to see its flora and fauna up close. You can sleep in the wilderness camps and it’s worth visiting Darlington Probation Station as well, since in the past the island served as a penal colony.

hiking tracks tasmania
Maria Island National Park Tasmania by Stefanos Nikologianis

2. Tasman National Park

Rock formations and forests are the most notable features of the Tasman National Park which make it a perfect hiking destination. The famous Three Capes Walk is quite long and covers the woodland areas and rainforest. But this 46km long track is not something you can just simply do. Since the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service permits only 48 hikers per day, you will have to book your spot in advance.

3. Cradle Mountain

The Overland Track is one of the most popular Australian hiking trails and is situated in Cradle Mountain. This is a 65km long track from the mountain to the Lake St. Claire National Park which sees thousands of visitors each year. It takes six days to finish the hike surrounded by the nature made of meadows, rainforests and glacial lakes. Bear in mind that this is a demanding track since you will have to climb the steep terrains and heights.

hiking tracks in tasmania - cradle mountain
Cradle Mountain – maxpixel

4. Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem National Park is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and it was named after the geological features resembling the walls of this Middle Eastern city. The national park is reserved for experienced hikers since the terrain is rough and requires advanced survival and navigational skills and equipment.

There is only one track for Tasmanian walks and hikes here and it runs to the Dixon Kingdom, but the landscapes will leave you in awe. If you are an adventures type of person, you will more likely enjoy this wild hiking place since it offers a lot of space to explore nature and yourself.

5. Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires is probably the most popular place to hike in Tasmania due to the fact that it’s appropriate for all ages, even children. Additionally, you’ll be hiking along the coast and be able to jump in the water when you get tired or take a break. Hiking in the Bay of Fires is more of an added feature than standalone activity since you can go on tours that offer sailing and diving during your hikes.

Since the Bay belongs to the Mount William National Park, the area is also home to diverse bird life so make sure that you have your binoculars with you. But that is not the only interesting Australian wildlife there since the Bay of Fires is also home to wombats and Bennett’s wallabies.

hiking trails tasmania
Bay of Fires – maxpixel

6. Mount Field National Park

Locals consider Mount Field National Park the best among all of the parks in Tasmania. This is a wonderful place for all those hikers who are also nature lovers. Not many tourists come here, and it’s probably because not everyone is ready to face the prehistoric vegetation and intact wilderness.

The park offers mountainous terrains under eucalyptus rainforests, lakes and waterfalls that will make you believe you are on another planet. Hikes are not long, just a few hours at the most and they start from Lake Dobson where two visitor centers are located. Since the park is a home of the Tasmanian devil, keep your eyes open and you’ll maybe spot one or two.

walking in tasmania, mount field national park
Mount Field National Park – pixabay

No matter which hiking tracks Tasmania has that you choose to explore, the experience will be tremendous. Tasmania is a popular Australian destination and the trends say that it will only get more and more attractive for this activity. Since a large part of the island is still untouched by modernisation, you will have an opportunity to wander through nature in its primal state. And that is not something you get to experience on your usual hikes.

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