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Gold Coast Surfing

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Surfing to Australia is like baguettes to France, and the Gold Coast is the main dish. Home to a number of the world’s best surfers, the world’s best board shapers, and much of Australia’s surf industry, this part of the world certainly is a surfer’s paradise.

Gold Coast Surf

This large stretch of coastline is home to an abundance of surf breaks to suit all skill levels and ages. Whether you want to battle the crowds at the Superbank in the hopes of scoring the best wave of your life, or if you prefer something with a few less people, the Gold Coast has it all.

Just a hop-skip-and-jump from Coolangatta, where the Quiksilver Pro kicks off The World Surf League, will land you at breaks like the world class points of Kirra and Burleigh Heads, which accommodate all levels of surfing. For the more adventurous, a short boat trip to Stradbroke Island is the perfect recipe for escaping the crowds and scoring pumping beach break A-frames with just you and a few mates (watch out for the uh… wildlife, the men in grey suits can get pretty big around here).

When you consider the abundance of breaks, favourable swell and wind conditions, plus the fact that water temperatures sit at around 25 degrees celsius, February through April on the Gold Coast really is the best place to be if you are a surfer. What’s that? You’re travelling and don’t have your boards with you? No problem, there are a number of options such as Cooly Surf and the Coolangatta Board Store that offer surfboard rentals, as well as a large range of new and used boards available for purchase.

gold coast surfing
Quiksilver Pro 2017 – image provided by author

Other than Surfing

From incredible nightlife, to theme parks, to nature reserves, there truly is something for everyone. If theme parks are more your style than surfing, then you are in the right place with Dream World, Movie World and Sea World all a short drive away. If you’ve got the guts, be sure to scare yourself on the Tower of Terror at Dream World – a 115 metre vertical drop where you will reach speeds of 160km/h!

A short drive from Coolangatta, will land you at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which boasts the perfect opportunity for getting in touch with Australia’s diverse wildlife. Want to feed a crocodile? Cuddle a Koala? Well you can do both at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, plus a whole lot more, safe in the knowledge that you are funding the sanctuary’s conservation efforts.

koala gold coast
Cute Koala – image provided by author

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