Make sure when you’re planning a big night out (or even if the night out happens unexpectedly) that you heed our advice for a successful night out! The Do’s and Don’ts, starting with the don’ts!

  • DONT wear high heels – no one looks good after a few beers falling off 3 inch heels, they’re just not practical, it’s all about the thongs and kicks!
  • DONT ever hand over your credit card to buy shots for everyone at the bar – Tequila is everyones nemesis and no-ones friend!
  • DONT think it’s a good idea to get a dirty kebab after double digit beers, and proceed to drop it down yourself while trying to pick up, not a good look!
  • DONT take up smoking cause “you’ve had a drink” it’s not cool kids.
  • DONT steal a bike to get home, and end up head first in a hedge along the way, karma guys karma.
  • DONT Drunk text ! You’ll regret it in the morning (speaking from experience) those texts can’t be reversed.
  • DONT share a taxi home with strangers or ex work colleagues, you could end up waking up to them the next morning – Arhhhh.
  • DONT think peeing in the street is ok … it’s not ever, always use the toilet before leaving the house or nightclub 😉
  • DONT mix drinks, although vodka, tequila , and rum surprise sounds like a good idea at the bar trust me your stomach will hate you later.
nomads hostel brisbane
Down Under Bar


  • DO leave the night club before the “dance off” begins, you’re not cool. No matter what your so called friends say you don’t have the moves.
  • DO go home the first time it crosses your mind, not at 3.30am when you’re getting thrown out of a club.
  • DO make sure you have enough money for a taxi ride home, you’re not going to make it on your bike without injury.
  • DO take a jacket, no matter how nice you think you look without one it’s going to be cold in the early hours of the morning.
  • DO eat a good meal before you go out, a piece of toast doesn’t count. Something more along the steak and chips line.
  • DO go home alone, you’ll be happier when you wake up.
  • DO take lots of photographs this will help you piece the night together the next day.
  • DO delete anyones phone number from your phone that you most definitely do not want to drunk call, do this before your first drink!
  • DO have a large glass of water before passing out in your bed… you’ll thank me tomorrow!
down under bar brisbane
Down Under Bar

Heed this advise guys and you’ll have the best morning after ever… OR… get drunk, misbehave and tell the stories the next day (just stay safe!)… your true friends will love you whatever! 😉

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