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Auckland Bar Crawls

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To whom it may concern,

I have just arrived to Auckland City and I’m looking for a good night out. I am German so I like mostly beer, good music and random acts of kindness. Not to mention that I’m on a tight budget and only here in Auckland for a few days before I venture off on the rest of my travels. What can you recommend to me as a ‘good night out’ in the city where I can find other travelers like myself?

Yours sincerely, Solo traveller, seeking friends asap!

Hello Solo! Well my friend, you are in luck because Thursday night is the one and only FRENZI BAR CRAWL. Some may describe the Frenzi Bar Crawl as EPIC or ‘the worst hangover of my life’. Every Thursday sign up sheets get taken around to most of the hostels around the city where fellow travelers, like yourself, sign their life away. It is only $10 to sign up and this includes 4 bars, 4 drinks, prizes and EPIC GOODNESS!

You may as well sellotape your wallet and phone to your hands now! These crazy cats know the town back to front. Starting off at 8.30pm from The Camel Bar, Fort Street you may find yourself doing some crazy stuff in order to win some of the prizes given away on the crawl. Not only that, you could be made to eat something you never thought you would ever eat. In saying that, you may meet someone you thought you would never meet ;-).

Auckland Bar Crawls - id

Only on Thursdays until quite late, so if you have an early appointment or bus, you may want to reschedule, this is a not to be missed bar crawl!

This is an awesome way to check out the nightlife in the city with some of the coolest cats around. The best part about the pub crawl is waking up the next day… on your way down to the ground floor in your hostel you meet a few people in the lift that greet you with a massive hand shake and a big grin “YOU WERE AWESOME LAST NIGHT!” and in your head you have absolutely no idea what you did. How did you become so awesome overnight? The golden rule – what happens on the pub crawl, stays on facebook!

So ask Reception where you can find the photos and make sure you untag yourself before your mum spots you!

Find out about some more Auckland Bars where you can find good drink deals (and a lot of fun!)

** Take your ID with you, bars will not serve you if you look under 25, they also will not serve you if you are intoxicated so Drink Responsibly**

3 thoughts on “Auckland Bar Crawls

  1. Hi there just trying to organise a last minute Stag do for my mate who is getting married on Friday.
    plans just fell though so was looking to see what you might have to offer.

    We are starting at Shadows at 7.30 then off to town around 8.30pm

    Just wanted to know which bars we will be travelling to see if it fits our schedule?

    Look forward to hearing from you

    you can contact me on 0212599252

    1. Hi Rawiri,

      Check out Kabuki Teppanyaki Restaurant to kick off they do an awesome show where you catch flying egg and fried rice and not to mention sake bombs then hit the bars around town. Its awesome fun with a group of mates!

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