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7 Reasons Backpackers Choose Australia

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More and more women have become open to spreading their wings and traveling all over the world. The world is their oyster, and there are so many beautiful sights to behold that it seems like a difficult choice to choose the next travel destination.

If you’re wondering which country you might want to go to next, then you might want to include Australia in your list of places to visit.

There’s a good reason the Land Down Under is a must-visit country for female backpackers. From its incredible animals to its gorgeous sights, you can’t go wrong with spending a couple of weeks or months to unwind in Australia.

Need more convincing? Then, here are some of the best reasons why women are a big fan of going to Australia:

1. Clean Hostels

While you are traveling by yourself, it will be a good idea to hang out with people who you can casually talk to and ask for popular spots to visit in Australia.

Luckily, the country has plenty of hostels wherein solo travelers can connect with their fellow backpackers.

Aside from that, these hostels are generally well-maintained. There are some hostels that organize social events if you are looking for more social interactions.

If you are backpacking with your partner, you can look for hostels in Australia that offer private rooms that are good for two.

2. Swanning Around Sydney

For some people, there’s nothing more relaxing than buying new things for you to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with retail therapy as a way to relax as long as you set a budget for yourself and not get out of control.

On that note, one of the best places in Australia to do that is in Sydney.

Swanning around the city gives you access to all sorts of shops and spots in the city. From getting yourself a spa treatment to buying souvenirs, and then topping that off with a fine meal, who says being in the city can’t be relaxing?

Not everyone might be into this, but if you happen to be the type of person who travels and shops, then consider going around the city of Sydney and treating yourself a bit.

3. Soul Search to the Mountains

If you are looking to get in touch with nature more during your travels, then you should go to the mountains.

Backpackers who love to go on trekking when visiting Australia enjoy the majestic view of the towering mountains. Getting to its peak offers a panoramic perspective that will last a lifetime in you.

The Blue Mountains in Kakadu National Park offer a great excursion if you are interested in a long trek that can last for a while. However, if you do not want to be too tired, then you can go glamping in the area as well.

Should you need to do a little soul searching, then the mountains provide the serenity that a busy city and a crowded beach cannot give you.

4. Get to Know Someone

Since you’re in a new place, you should consider getting to know new people.

For example, you can take classes for a particular hobby that you have and get to know people with similar interests.

You can also go over to the local pub and unwind and meet people over music and some fizzy drinks.

5. Relax in Magnetic Island

If you want to enjoy a bit of the island life, then there is no better place to relax than in Australia’s Magnetic Island.

The island is known to be the home of koalas. Cross that off your list while you are there.

The island’s beautiful landscape is a sight to behold. Its National Park has beaches and bays for you to take a dip in if you are interested.

6. Enjoy the Beauty of Vineyards

The Barossa Valley in South Australia is a great place to enjoy some wine and sit in leisure while looking at the expansive vineyards surrounding the area.

If you’re looking for a leisure activity, then there’s nothing more leisurely than drinking red wine, lounging, and taking a bite out of cheese and admiring the view.

7. Visit Daintree Forest

If you would want to be somewhere magical and fantastical, then visiting the Daintree Rainforest in Australia is something you might want to do.

It is the largest rainforest in Australia and is the oldest in the world. You can book an eco-retreat to this area and enjoy the verdant surroundings and the exotic flora and fauna.

Wrap Up

If you are female backpacker who would want to unwind and treat yourself from time to time, Australia has plenty to offer.

From people looking for a more adventurous option to those looking to only chill and shop around the city, there is a myriad of options to choose from.

You will not get bored if you choose to go to Australia, so better plan that trip as soon as you can!

Author: Robert Helms is a freelance writer based in New Your City whose mission is to help travelers, hostel owners, and house cleaning NYC companies work together. When not writing for clients, he prefers to spend his day cleaning and organizing his own home.

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