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Fun Things To Do in Perth

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The Western Australian capital city is full of exciting activities. There are plenty of fun things to do in Perth, there’s no way I could cover them all, but I’ve got a few ideas to inspire you.

Visit Swan Valley

Move over Hunter and Barossa Valley, the Swan Valley is where you’ll find some of Australia’s best wine. Visit the local wineries and try their wines, maybe discover your new favourite! Look out over the vineyards as you enjoy local fine food. Enjoy a wildlife encounter and get up close and personal with some native animals. Visit historic attractions like fascinating museums and old churches. There’s plenty to see and do in the Swan Valley, you might not want to head back to the city.

Relax in the park

Kings Park and botanic garden sit in the middle of Perth and offer a floral escape for anyone finding city life a little too intense, if only for an afternoon. Within the botanic garden, you can wander through the Conservation Garden, the Banksia Garden, the Water Garden, the Acacia Garden, and even more gardens, as well as along the high Lotterywest Federation Walkway where you can take in impressive views of the local and international flora. Bring a picnic along and relax in the sun or under the shade of a tall tree and refresh yourself before heading out to your next Perth activity.

Head to the zoo

Perth Zoo is a great day out for all ages—entertain the little ones (and wear them out so they’re tired at the end of the day) or wander at your leisure if you don’t have kids to worry about. Head to the many talks throughout the zoo to learn all about the animals that call the zoo home. You can even get up close and personal with a live encounter if that’s your style. The zoo has over 1,200 animals of over 150 different species, there’s always something exciting to spot or an adorable animal to capture your heart.

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Go shopping at the Fremantle Markets

The Fremantle markets have been operating since 1897 and they show no sign of stopping. The markets are a popular hot spot for locals and tourists with something to appeal to everyone. You’ll find everything from local produce to unique fashion and handmade artisanal goods. While you wander the stalls, you may as well grab some delicious street food from the vendors and enjoy the live entertainment from one of the markets’ many performers. 

Visit the RoundHouse

While you’re in Fremantle, why not take in some of the town’s history with a visit to the history RoundHouse. The RoundHouse is the oldest public building in all of Western Australia. It opened just 18 months after settlement, in January of 1831. It was designed to hold any criminal of the settlement, and was used as such all the way until 1886. In the 1890s it turned into a lock-up for the local police, then it was used as accommodation for the marine police. It now stands as a tourist attraction, with tours available to give visitors a glimpse into the storied past of Western Australia. Head on a walking tour by yourself or with a volunteer guide and step back in time for an afternoon. If you time it right, you might even get to see the historic cannons go off!

things to do in perth

Have fun at Adventure World

If you’re looking for some excitement during your Perth holiday, Adventure World is a must-visit attraction. The park is full of thrilling rides, water slides, an aquatic play park for younger visitors, and plenty more to keep you having fun for the whole day. The park is only open during the warmer months—otherwise you might freeze on the water rides—but if you happen to be in Perth during the warm seasons, you’re sure to have a fun time.

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Check out the Blue Boat House

One of Perth’s largest tourist attractions, this simple boat house creates such a serene aura that people from all over flock to it. The long, thin walkway to the simple white door, surrounded by deep blue walls makes for the perfect background for your latest snapshot for Instagram. The boat house is so popular, the city recently constructed a new public toilet for Instagrammers so that they wouldn’t have to travel 2.4 kilometres to the next-closest loo. If you’re looking for a memorable photo to remind you of your trip to Perth, the Blue Boat House makes for an iconic background.

Discover art at the Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) is in the heart of Perth’s Cultural Centre and is home to the State Art Collection. You can wander through the gallery and observe pieces from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, as well as international artists from all over. There’s always new exhibits on show so even if you’ve been to the gallery before, consider popping in again and seeing what’s on display now. A visit to the gallery won’t cost you anything more than a small donation as you enter, and is a great activity for all ages. Bring your pencils and paper and try some sketching for hands-on fun and learning—a perfect activity for budding and experienced artists.

Learn at SciTech

Families with children (or anyone that enjoys learning about science) will want to put SciTech on their list of Perth activities. Join one of the many live shows and learn about science first-hand from one of the dedicated staff members. Dinosaurs, space, robots, and more are all featured within SciTech and ready for visitors to come and learn about them.

If you’re travelling to Perth and looking for fun and excitement, you won’t come up short. There’s plenty of amazing things to see and do within the city and in its surrounds. There’s no way I could cover them all, but hopefully these ideas get you on the right track.

Author: Paige is a writer from the south coast of NSW and despite loving their hometown, they love to travel whenever possible. They’ve seen a lot of Australia and are looking to set their sights on international travel in the future. You can always find them with a book in their hand and music flowing through their headphones.

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