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Things To Do in Agnes Water Town of 1770

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Ever heard of the mysterious Town of 1770? If you are planning to travel along Australia’s East Coast then a stop by the chilled out Town of 1770 is a must. Not only does it provide a much needed break between your Fraser Island and Whitsunday Sailing trip, but it is the meeting place of Australia’s east surf coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

So where does the name come from? This little cove of paradise was the second location that Captain Cook and his crew set down during their first east coast voyage upon the HM Bark Endeavour. The ship touched down in May 1770 and from there, the name was born! Town of 1770 is 8km from the town of Agnes Water and a 6 hour Greyhound bus journey north of Rainbow Beach – the gateway to Fraser Island. Here’s what to do…

1. Scooteroo

This is a popular ‘must do’ for many east coast backpackers – a truly unique experience. Not only do you get to wear your very own bad ass biker leather jacket, but you get to cruise around on a Harley Davidson scooter spotting for Kangaroos, checking out the coastal scenery before hitting the local pub for some wedges and a good time.

The tour departs in the afternoon, 7 days a week. Find out more

2. Surf Lesson

Town of 1770 is the most northern location to surf on Australia’s east coast. Because of its location it can be a little windy but it’s a great place to fit in one last surf before heading north, or giving it a whirl before heading south. There are several surf schools in town to choose from.

noosa festival of surfing

3. Sunset Kayak Tour

Agnes Water/Town of 1770 is a great place to experience a fully guided sunset kayak cruise. The sun setting over the headland sure is a sight for tired eyes and if you are lucky enough – you may get to spot dolphins! You will also get to paddle by Captain Cook’s landing point and have a go at surfing some waves! Find out more

4. Lady Musgrave Island

One word. Paradise. Situated upon the southern Great Barrier Reef, Lady Musgrave Island is turtle haven! Day tours including chill out time on the island and loads of snorkelling opportunities! A must do!

lady musgrave island
image from flickr

5. Hire a Bike

Hiring a bike in every east coast location is always one of our favourite things to do – it’s cheap, fun and a great way to experience the location. There are a number of places in the town of 1770 and Agnes Water that offer cheap bike rental. Tip: visit the Museum, stop for a dip at Bustard Bay or check out some of the local lookouts.

6. 1770 Larc Eco Tours

What is a Larc you ask? A Larc is a vehicle that can only be compared to Optimus Prime – it works as both a 4WD truck and a boat. There are sunset cruises for around $38 and they are a great way to catch the views around Eurimbula National Park, Round Hill Headland and the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Find out more

7. Walk Captain Cook’s foot steps

There is a great scenic walking trail that will lead you along the same very steps paved by Captain Cook himself. The trail will lead you along the foreshore to the historical Captain Cook Monument.

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