Backpackers stay in dorm rooms because they’re on a budget and can’t afford private rooms all the time, however does this mean that they should miss out on a bit of slap and tickle for the whole time they’re backpacking?

Seriously no sex for a year or possibly more? This doesn’t seem fair at all, so here’s a few tips on how to have sex in a dorm room with a little bit of privacy. Although please note that we’re not encouraging everyone to have sex in their dorm room, this is just for those that really cannot afford a private room or really can’t find anywhere more discreet to have, what should be, private time.

1. Wait until you’re alone! The most private way to have sex in a dorm room is to wait until your dorm mates have left the room, however they could still come back at any point so you might want to use some of the other tips anyway.

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2. Drape a couple of sarongs (or blankets) around your bunk. This one obviously only works when you’re on the bottom bunk.

3. Try and find the most stable bunk in the room. This also means it’s the least squeaky! This is especially important if you find yourself in the top bunk. Mind you if the bunk isn’t squeaky it can be quite pleasant for your bunkmate being rocked to sleep!

4. Choose your position wisely Having sex in a dorm room, while other people are there, is not the time to indulge in the reverse cowgirl or doggy position (no matter how much you want to impress). It’s easier to hide the fact you’re having sex if you stick to the good old missionary position!

5. Use a gag! If you know the girl, or guy, you’re with is a screamer, then consider a gag. Some people are really into that kind of thing anyway.

6. You’re not on stage Girls if you’re faking it, don’t go overboard. The whole idea is to keep it down. Consider the feelings of everyone in the room, not just your partner.

7. Temporary Amnesia If you’re both drunk enough then there is the possibility that neither of you will remember having sex, and if you don’t remember it then it can’t have happened. Hopefully your roommates are as drunk as you, but hopefully you always remember to use protection!

8. Subtle flashing For girls returning to a predominantly male dorm, or guys returning to a predominantly female dorm, give them a quick peek to send them off to sleep and allow you to continue to get to know your man/woman.

I would love to hear more ideas on how to have sex in a dorm room privately as I’m heading off on my travels again soon!

About the Author: Kate Bower loves travelling and backpacked around the world for two years before settling back into her dull and boring life in the UK. She does like a bit of slap and tickle every now and again!

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