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7 Reasons to Visit Canberra, Australia’s Capital City

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Relatively lesser known and talked about as compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is the capital of Australia and a place that must not be skipped when it comes to visiting big metropolises. Canberra is in ACT, the Australian Capital Territory, and is found in the southeastern part of the country.

“Bush Capital” is what this city is sometimes referred to as forested mountains surround it. The city was planned to preserve the natural beauty with many parks, open spaces and native vegetation. Canberra is one of the few planned cities of the world and thus houses dozens of Federal buildings, Parliament House, High Court and War Memorial. These are some of the attractions of this beautiful city; in addition to these, there are many places in the city that are worth a visit.

Why Canberra must be on a traveler’s bucketlist will be easier to answer after going through these 7 reasons!

1. Everything for Everyone!

Canberra has everything for everyone, be it a child, youngster, an adult or elderly! Good accommodation and transport is in close proximity to all of the city’s major attractions. There are places that will intrigue an ardent explorer. And it will be an equally thrilling visit for an eager adventurer. The city will make a foodie satiated and a curious visitor delighted. The city has lakes, museums, galleries, embassies, landmarks, markets, food, shopping malls — you name it. Be it family fun, arts and culture, food and wine or outdoors and nature, Canberra will not disappoint anyone.

war memorial canberra
One reason to visit Canberra is to see some of the museums, memorials, galleries – a bit of culture!

2. An Exhilarating Experience at Nature Reserve

One of the must visit places in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. The stunning natural views and the accompanying wildlife is an experience that should not be missed. Gibraltar Peak is one of the main attractions at the reserve. The view alone from the top can make the experience worthwhile, but the trail itself affords magnificent views and walking through steep paths through the mountains is sure to get your adrenaline high! This nature reserve is part of Australian Alps, which are part of the country’s National Heritage. With a visit to this reserve, one can proclaim to be a witness to the natural and cultural values of the region.

3. Artists Galore

The city hosts plenty of options for the artists and an art enthusiast can be lost in what this city has to offer. The stunning architecture of National Museum of Australia first catches the eye. It boasts the rich and grand history of Australia. The museum allows both unaided and guided tours. It also has an attraction for kids who can get a taste of history by playing interactive games. The museum also has a café and a gift shop.

Then there is National Gallery of Australia. Artworks of diverse artists, including Australian and international ones are displayed in the galleries that are a delight for the eyes of art lovers. The Sculpture Garden is an added attraction outside of the gallery. Great and unique sculptures are displayed in the Garden and an art lover can get lost in the garden without any indication of time.

Another attraction for art lovers in Canberra is the National Portrait Gallery that displays the identity, creativity, history, culture and diversity of Australia through portraits.

reasons to visit canberra
Canberra is surrounded by nature

4. Nature through Vegetation

Australian habitat is unique and the Australian National Botanic Gardens display the vegetation diversity of the region in one place. The lovely gardens exhibit Australian native plants that are a botanist’s dream. For most visitors, it is a must-visit place. Overall, it’s a relaxing experience. The gardens provide guided walks and informative talks. There is also a botanical museum, a café and a day spa at the National Botanical Gardens.

5. Mystery and Adventure

If you are a puzzle enthusiast, then a visit to Canberra will be incomplete without going to the Riddle Room. Entry to Riddle Room is paid and booking must be done in advance to get a place. An escape room experience, where each stage has to be completed using the items in the room alone. A 60-minute challenge where people join their heads together to complete the challenge in the stipulated time, using their inventive, analytical and communication skills. A visit to ACT will be incomplete with a visit to Riddle Room if puzzles are your go-to entertainment!

For adventure enthusiasts, skydiving over this amazing city is a must. The city offers plenty of skydiving opportunity for those willing to let themselves fly over the city’s forest, lakes and buildings for an experience of a lifetime.

6. Glamping or Camping

Whether it is traditional camping or the recent trend of “glamping’, Canberra offers a variety of options for those who want to spend some time living outdoors. If you’re ‘going bush’ there are some great places to stay where you’ll be surrounded by nature. There are cheap options up to luxury, or glamping, available depending on your budget. Check out these Canberra camping options ranging in price from $6.50 a night all the way up to $250 a night! A Beach Campsite in Spain was among the pioneers of the trend of glamping and then the world was quick to catch up to this trend of luxury camping, which gives you the experience of being in nature without a lack of luxuries like a proper bed and toilet facilities.

visit canberra in spring
Canberra in Spring

7. Fun and Games

Canberra is not all about nature and art, the city has places and activities that adrenaline junkies can indulge in. Power Kart Raceway in Canberra has an indoor Formula 1 style circuit with electric go-karts. These go-karts are some of the best in the world and will be a delight to both an amateur and an experienced racer. In addition to go-karting, Power Kart Raceway possesses a café, arcade machines and a mini golf course.

Do you like paintball? Do not forget to book yourself a place in Delta Force Paintball – Canberra’s premier paintball center. Quality equipment and fields, professional staff and movie-set scenarios make the paintball experience at Delta Force Paintball an unforgettable one.

Canberra provides multiple options for those who want to beat the heat with some swimming. The facilities at the centers are top notch and do not disappoint.

These are some of the reasons that make Canberra a must-visit place when on a tour to Australia. Art, history, nature, culture, adventure, fun and the hub of the quintessential Australian activities, Canberra has it all. There is so much to explore and learn from this city. The places that one can visit to experience nature are so many that one visit alone cannot cover them. The food and wine experience at Canberra is also something that should not be missed.

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  1. I always wish to travel in Canberra. It’s a wonderful place for spending time with friends and family. You have mentioned great places where we can go and enjoy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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